M4a1 gen 8 adaptors (need some advice)

Hello, first post here.
So i have wanted to start to pimp out my gen 8, i have got a metal buffer tube and handguard. I brought them from someone on this fourm and got the metal parts separate from the adaptors, and i found out that they are a bit different. The buffer tube addaptor needs 2 longer screws

and the handguard adaptor needs 2 small grub screws to hold it onto the reciver. But how would i hold the outer barrel on with it because there is no grub screw holes on the part where the outer barrel slides in.
Any advice on where to get any of these screws?

I believe I have the same buffer tube adapter you have and mine uses grub screws in those holes. The buffer tube adapter I got was a terrible fit. There was a 3-4 mm gap between the receiver and the adapter when attached. I fixed this by putting about 15 layers of electrical tape on the adapter, then trimmed the excess. The grub screws now only need to be tightened a small amount and it fits well. As for the size of those grub screws, I will have to take some measurements and photos tonight for you.

And as for the handguard adapter, I can’t see any way of securely attaching your outer barrel without drilling and tapping some new holes at the front. I use a different adapter on my gen 8, like this one…

Thanks for you help. Ill try out the eletrical tape idea, i dont have the 2 screws for the buffer tube but my friend had no screws in and it was relatively tight fit so ill try that out. As for the handguard adaptor if you could send me some pics that would be really great.
Thanks for your help

To secure the outer barrel u can always duct tape that section of the barrel I guess.
Or jam somw cut up bubble tea straw into the gap, which I just to secure my inner to the outer, fairly solid actually

Yeah I should have mentioned if the buffer tube adapter is a tight fit, either with or without some type of gasket or electrical tape to fill the gap, you probably don’t need those grub screws. I just used them because i had them.

I was offering to take photos of the buffer tube adapter and provided a link to the handguard adapter i used in my previous post. Would you like some photos of that handguard adapter fitted to my gen 8? I have a 10 inch SLR (Clamp style fit to the adapter) handguard fitted to my gen 8 with that adapter. What handguard are you planning on fitting?

Yeah that would be really good thanks, it is just a basic 17cm clam shell

no worries, i’ll get some to you later tonight.

That is just a barrel stabiliser, not a gen 8 adapter…

really? It slides onto reciver and has the 2 grub screw holes.

And as for the buffer tube, you may need a spacer as they dont stay on the greatest.
I had one printed from a guy local who also sold on ebay.
When you tighten then screws they just butt up against the reciever ,and if too tight the stock is on an angle.
Theyre honestly shit , i prefer the original nylon ones , but still have 2 metal.
But with the spacer the metal ones always end up cutting into the receiver making it looser as time goes on.

Yep. Its so your hand gueard has something to clamp on down the other end.

Does you 19mm outer barrel fit in it nicely?

What does the other side look like ,is it the same , and did you get a stabiliser?
You need like the picture.

I’m pretty sure that’s not a stabiliser ring. It’s just a useless adapter. The stabiliser ring would have a 19mm hole all the way through and wouldn’t fit on your receiver.

Not sure if these are useful at all but here you go…


I’ll keep it semi apart for the rest of the night. Let me know if you need anything else…

That ring is a handguard support ring for the two piece clamp on style handguards and it goes towards the muzzle end so one end clamps around the barrel adapter ring and the other end clamps around that ring.
It suit this type handguard.

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Well that’s good to know. I have one somewhere but I could never figure out what it was for. So I guess it is a stabiliser ring then. Thanks

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Thanks for that, just had the thought.
If i were to super glue the outer barrel into the adaptor would that be fine? As you never really need to take the two appart right?

Sure you could try it, but I’m not sure if that’s the best long term solution.

You are right though, I very rarely remove my outer barrel from the adapter

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Yeah ok. Thanks for that

Just be extra careful with the blaster once you have attached alloy front and back. The plastic that the Gen8 receiver is made from is not that great and snaps easily when stressed/flexed.

Have fun.

Yeah thanks for that.