M4a1 gen 8 firing problem

My m4a1 gen 8 is having a problem as it’s mag is feeding into the ■■■ and firing gels but they only get halfway through the barrel and get knocked out by the next ball. Each shoot only gets about 1 Meter before landing. Please help.

It’s the tappet spring

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Gels stopping in the barrel sounds, to me, like a big ball issue Bigballs

I would suggest that you measure your balls (the gel one’s I mean) laughing%20(1) and make sure they are a tad smaller than the barrel internal diameter…

Another possibility is a weak or broken main spring or leaking in the air system (seal/nozzle/nozzle to T piece/T piece to barrel)… or even as daggy said, the tappet spring has come unraveled and fallen off… lots to check for :+1:


also check your return spring could have snapped like mine did 2 days before an event had to quickly slap a new one in haha