M4A1 Gen 9 - Semi Auto Firing Problems

I bought a stock M4A1 Gen 9 on Christmas. Now, the full auto fires perfectly, but it won’t fire semi auto. The trigger compresses, and I haven’t noticed any changes in punch, range or rate if fire. What could be wrong?

try moving the selector switch a little each side of where it wants to sit… sometimes moving the selector a tad gets the single fire back…

I am having the same issues. Does anybody hv got a way to get this fix permanently?

I tried moving it to the sides, but it does nothing. If I switch it from full auto, it fires about two shots, then stops firing until I switch it back to full auto

Now the blaster is no longer firing whether Semi-auto or full auto is used. It still makes the clicking noise a trigger normally makes, and I know the batteries are charged. Does anyone know what is wrong?

EDIT: Realised it censored a word, and changed it

You might have knocked a motor terminal off?:thinking:

What does that mean?

It means the motor terminal may have been knocked off? Unscrew the handle end piece/motor adjuster holder and see if both of the terminals are connected still…laughing%20(1)

Like this?

They should not be sticking straight up like that.

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I looked in the ■■■, and the trigger spring had snapped. Attaching a battery, and manually moving the trigger activated the motor

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