M4A1 (Gen9) Build - Troubleshooting

Hey peeps,

I’ve started modding an M4A1 (Gen9) but I just wanted to be safe and check in with the pros to make sure I’m not going to learn something the hard and/or expensive way :stuck_out_tongue: (Already watched the heck out of Low Guido’s channel… Even the stuff that isn’t relevant to me… He’s just so damn pleasant to listen to :laughing:)

Current Build:
-Stock Motor
-Stock [Acrylic] Case (Recently ordered nylon case)
-Stock Cylinder & Head/Nozzle
-Stock Wiring (Added switch & diode for mag prime function)
-Stock Trigger
+1.3 Unequal Spring
+Metal Gears (Waiting on shims to arrive)
+Blue Plunger with Metal Ladder (Using stock head piece though)
+Green O-Ring
+33.5mm [Standard] Alloy Barrel (Stock T-piece)
+11.1v Battery (3S Charger/Checker included)
+Hopup (Inner barrel type)
+Unimportant Asthetic Changes (e.g. laser, torch, suppressor, paint, etc)

Main Concerns:
*Stock Motor won’t have enough juice for the spring?
*Stock Plunger/Cylinder Head(s) will break due to the spring?
*Bushings will wear out due to 11.1v Battery?
*Case will crack? (Soon to be solved by nylon case)

The reason I don’t mention the trigger failing and anything regarding MOSFETs is due to this: https://youtu.be/q8dnlz23-vY?t=3m3s
Please let me know if you have experienced otherwise (I know Airsoft is different in many aspects so, for gel blasters at least, things may not be as they were stated in the video)

Obviously, I will continue to upgrade the rest of the stock items down the track but I just wanted to know if what I have at this point in time will work and if it will be safe to use without expecting any drastic failures any time soon…

Let me know what you think :wink:
Thank you for your time!!

P.S - Since starting the upgrades, I haven’t test fired since I’ve been waiting for the shims so I don’t even know if I’ve already stuffed it or not :persevere:

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Yeah that other dude “tojuyusup” was spam… I’m deleting it all…

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Do you have a chrono? Good investment. Then you can track if you’re making it better or worse as you tweak it. It’s not science if ya can’t measure or test it haha
This is what I got

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You raise an excellent point (ordering now)

Hey XTOPC have a look at this link

I have messed around with gen 9’s.
You will still need stainless cylinder tube 100% no porting vent, stainless cylinder head and piston with a good nylon tappet plate which I think the gen 9 comes with.
Batteries are a big thing too. I only use Turnigy 1.2 airsoft now.

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I’ll check it out, thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Oh yeah you will need an upgraded motor. It will have to be a 460 if your using the stock handle.

Is that because the stock motor won’t cut it for 1.3 spring? :’(
More time spent waiting for parts, I guess…

Stock motor with a 11.1v batttery should be able to pull a 1.3 spring but not for long.
I never tried it personally.

Hehe, should I try it or just wait for the new motor? (just tried the 7.4v and it wasn’t able to finish drawing the spring back)

Try it for experimental purposes only in a non flammable area. It could put extra duress on your battery.

Whoooo baby, that recoil… Or is it forcoil? I digress…
So it works but obviously not a long term solution…

Motor’s ordered but I can’t find a steel cylinder like your reference image on ebay… They’re all those blue ones with the dodgy blue rocketship nozzle (I hear they’re bad)

definitely a wise call. I would wait for shims and motor before shooting to avoid stripping them.nylon shouldn’t crack if it’s a decent one im yet to crack a nylon shell and all my builds are high stress mods. make sure you get good gels. milkies are best

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Yes, sir! Got the normal and heavy milkies ready for action!!

Waiting for deliveries is the worst (although it’s exciting in its own way :stuck_out_tongue:)

:+1: Nice if you think their shipping is painful wait until if you ever decide to get any parts from USA last time I did took like 8weeks

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Gel ball mod takes ages but great back up service from an Asian shop. Rowesfire on Aliexpress is also a great shop and if you select Epacket for delivery the items usally get here within 2 weeks.

And here I was complaining in my mind about having to wait for next week delivery…

I just realised I’ll probably run into a feeding problem with the normal milkies cause my tappet plate is drawn back so far the nozzle will easily make room for more than one of them when there’s a little pressure from the gels further behind… (gonna have to fix that)

Alright, so everything’s in and installed but, strangely, it’s actually dropped around 30-ish fps on average and has increased the rof to nearly 50rps (such a waste of gels)

Rechecked plunger compression and it’s way better than stock was, feeling air through barrel when firing and it’s also way better than the stock blaster was…

My only possible detrimental differences are that the barrel isn’t the stock acrylic one (same dimensions though) and the gels aren’t the one’s I used previously which might be why the results are so skewed?

Cooking up some different ammo types (cheapy greens, milkies, stock supplied blues, etc) for further testing before I throw more money at the blaster…

What tappet plate are you using? See that fin on the end, that works kinda like a cam lobe on an engine and makes a whole world of difference to timing.