M4A1 gen9 feeding but not shooting?

Hi everyone!

I got a M4A1 gen 9 a couple of months ago and now I’m running into some troubles with it.

I can hear the gear in the magazine moving but the blaster itself isn’t actually shooting.

I opened up the receiver and noticed that when the gel balls get loaded up in the actual barrel they don’t go anywhere because the blaster isn’t shooting them out and they just get stuck.

Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

Thanks in advance!

You’re plunger mechanism is working as expected?

Air seal or gels are too large

Or both

can you hear the internal gears spinning?

Like milko said… can you hear the piston cycling?

I just tried a 3S battery in my Gen9 and it has stripped the teeth off the pinion… when I pull the trigger, it just whines a sort of squeal (the gun, not me) and there is no cycling…

that squeal without movement of other gears is your pinion gear not making proper contact with the beville gear

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yeah, the pinion had ‘knocked/leaned’ over 2 teeth on the first driven gear, right where the pinion sits… so naturally, the pinion couldn’t get a grip… lucky my goodies are arriving :grin:

My advice from standard with blasters, from my experience, is to make the ‘air section’ most efficient first… (seal, airtight thru nozzle and T piece)… maybe a 1.3 spring… this will give reasonable fps and be as accurate as a GB can be… then barrel/hop up… Then steel gears/bearings metal ladder plunger… then motor and 11.1V battery for rate of fire…

trying to work backwards like doing motor or huge spring first, simply puts the blaster at risk of things failing and letting you down on the field… or mid play :worried:


That sounds like a personal experience…that’s unlucky bro at least you know for next time