M4a1 GT, Hai Chuang

Anyone bought one recently and have FPS readings? Went to grab another M4a1 from my local store on Saturday and they said they only had the 8.5 gen in stock and without question I bought it plus a few other items for other gel blasters and only now I looked at the receipt and found out I paid $220 for it so I had to have a look so I played around and opened it up to find out it has a alloy barrel, 460 red motor, silver wiring, metal pinion gear but nylon gears? Mag prime function, single and auto firing. Ended up finding out it’s made by a different company called “hai chuang M4a1 gt”

Goes hard from out of the box with an added 11.1v battery.

just googled it, it might be a upgrade for the normal gen8 m4, hence the 8.5. like how people upgrade blasters to stage one and sell them but its from another company.

The nylon and everything else just doesn’t seem like jinming, the buffer tube is different as well

Apparently it’s a V3 gearbox based on a video I saw on X-Force Tactical? Seems like Gen8 in name only.