M4A1 J9 vs ACR J10

Hey, im new here, wondering whether i should get a M4A1 or ACR?
Could anyone pls put their opinions on about both so i can get a better understanding of which one would be the best for me?
Thanks, Phantom

HK 416. v2 gearbox, easily upgradable.

So your saying dont go either just go hk416?

totally. V2 are great gearboxes, easy to work with and love SHS parts in them.

Good to know, all hail the V2 year box then.

ok, thanks
do you mean i buy a seperate gearbox and put it in myself?

Also, looking at them online is the cheaper version legit?

Or is this the actual cost i should be looking at?

LDT is the real deal
. the other ones are crap

excuse my ignorance but what does LDT mean?

oh sorry man…LDT warinterest are a brand. very high quality blasters (mostly)
Their HK416D is one of the best.
not in stock atm but awesome deal.

Ok, thanks for the advice, but i was hoping to spend around 150 bucks…
That one is a bit out of my price range atm, but i will keep it in mind
Cheers, phantom

And you risk losing it if you order from overseas without a permit :+1:

ok, thanks 4 letting me know

Or back to the original question, if you want to buy a cheaper jinming the acr’s grip is part of the body not screwed on like the m4a1 and the acr is less accurate (easily fixed with a couple of barrel stabilisers) but way easier to TEAR DOWN. Also the m4a1 is pretty bendy from stock to foregrip, the acr is solid as.

yep, so if i want to modify it i would go with the acr.
Which one would you buy?
Thanks, Phantom

I already have the acr, my mate has the m4a1

I’ve modded both.

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Oh just ignore the two aks

Great, so would you get the m4a1 or acr?
Im wanting a good ■■■ now and thinking of the m4a1 so i dont have to mod it for accuracy.
but im keen to mod something like an acr or the ■■■ @spectre720 was refering to after ive learnt a bit more…

Don’t kid yourself… you already know you NEED at least one of each… noidea

Just like the rest of us rofl


LOL, too true:upside_down_face:
for better or for worse

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