M4A1 Mark III from tac toys

I’m looking at getting tac toys M4A1 MKIII was wondering how easy it is to upgrade it further/ what gen parts work in it? Mags/ hop up etc. And what it comes with, like what spring, motor, you know all the details.

Thanks in advance guys

Is this the one?

If it is, that webpage has some info about it as to the upgraded parts.

It is yeah thanks, it does have more info then where I seen it. Just wanna know if my gen 8 mags and that will fit it

Just for comparison, Same price. But has a full metal gearbox.
It’s essentially a wells M4a1. Great blaster I love mine.
Both pushing out 300 fps out the box. But both out of stock too!
i reckon you need both!
I know I do!!! :smirk:


Looking at the handgrip, the unit is just an upgraded Gen 8 M4 so all gen 8 parts should work.

It can’t be a gen8, it say single and auto fire ?

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If you watch the video he says it’s basically a gen8 but with semi and auto plus mag prime.
So more or less it’s a hybrid gen 8.
At that I would agree with @Daveb about the Well v4 being better value

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Gen 8 with a mosfet? Def a gen 8 receiver though.


I can’t see how you could use a mosfet with the select fire on a gen 8 but I guess it’s possible

Would honestly stay away from tac toys. They have terrible Service. They sent me the wrong part asked for photos sent them and they blocked me. Wrote a post and about 50 other people said they’ve had bad dealings with them too.

ehhhh i am a bit iffy with tac toys as its one of the blacklisted stores on the discord if your looking for one go to tactical edge they don’t sell a MKIII but you can get a 2019 M4A1 Gen 9 (stock) for $156 with code rebel https://tacticaledge.com.au/products/jin-ming-gen-9-v2?_pos=3&_sid=12d8f1e8c&_ss=r plus just buy all the upgrades and find someone that will do it cheap (i don’t recommend the M4A1 shop they pushed my motor in too far which cracked the gear on my motor) and put in upgrades that cracked my gearbox BUT also avoid ever using a metal gearbox as they break really easly get nylon it can stand WAYYYY more get metal gears and nylon gearbox and don’t get cheap metal gears either it will ruin the whole purpose

anyways i hope this helped haha

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oh also try to avoid already upgraded blasters they usually use really cheap crappy aftermarket parts your better off doing research into good decent parts that wont break within the first 2 games haha

A cnc metal shell is stronger than a nylon…

Cnc metal 100%. However, they’re are quite pricey and only really worth it if you either want aesthetics or need it because you’re using a stupid crazy motor or spring that would even crack nylon. A nylon gearbox can take quite a beating and come out without a scratch, so although cnc is better, it’s a question of is it worth it for your scenario. i mean in AS thats a whole another story cause they are in the 400-500 FPS while GS is not that powerful

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Well you still have to give cred when you copy and paste someone else’s work :+1: