M4A1 not working? Gears not spinning?

Hey guys I have a few gel blasters but new to the forum. I purchased a M4A1 v8 online it arrived I assembled it charged it up but the gears don’t move on full charge.

I did a little video below

Any idea how to fix this?

gear box probably. @LowGuido can help

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Do I buy a new gearbox? Can this be repaired?

well you can pull one apart pretty easy if you have the tools. my opinion is just take of the shell of the blaster and take a pic of it

Why is it apart? If you just bought it and the thing didn’t work… you could have sent it back to the seller and got a refund. (or exchange)

Now it is pulled apart, you cant do that.

I would say a gear has broken or something… did you try a 11.1v battery in it?

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Yeah, now that it’s pooped and you’ve already pulled it apart, check the gearbox to see what’s up (broken gear that’s lodged somewhere, bad shimming causing the gearbox case to squash the gears in place, spring isn’t stock and the motor can’t take it with a 2c battery, etc)

If you’re not sure what you’re looking at, send us some photos of the gearbox and hopefully we can make it out for you :wink:
(Also, binge watch all of Low Guido’s stuff on YouTube… Knowledge is power!!)

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