M4A1 V4 - Issues - Gels breaking in barrel

Hey all. So I just received my new M4A1 V4 today and it seems to run fine apart from the fact that it’s popping gels in the barrel I think? As they leave the barrel, sometimes they fly straight, sometimes 2 will come out and sometimes they’ll just break apart. There’s no real pattern to it. I was super excited to receive this blaster but now I’m left a little disappointed. Anyone have any ideas on what it could be? Thanks in advance!

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so the issue isn’t uncommon and there are a plethora of factors which can lead you to this path.

for a new OOTB not modded in any way blaster to do this, my first thought is gels.

it could also be the hopup (to a point)

the double feed would not be hopup but you may be looking at multiple factors here.


grow a small fresh batch of new gels (which ones are you using because that matters)
take the hopup off if you have one
pew pew and report


Hey, thanks for the advice! I’m not running a hopup on it currently. I tested it with yellow Ausgel armour tech gels while having the issues. I grew them yesterday and they sat in water overnight? I do have some standard Ausgel milkies I might try in it. I’ve found them to be slightly larger. Otherwise the only other ones I can try are some Warinterest heavier milkies. I’ll try both and see what results I get and report back. Thanks!

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Definitely try the milkies, I find the AT yellows can cause jamming, they are too inconsistent in size too.
If one jams another can be feed in behind it and could be the multiple coming out.


I will for sure! Thanks heaps for the advice!

Well, I did my testing and the gels turned out to be the issue. The yellow AT gels as posted below were too inconsistent in size and were causing issues. Thanks very much again for the advice!


This is great news, I’ve just bought one of these wells/M4a1’s and ran a few shitty old blue bruisers through it! Shhhhiiiiit!
Then ran the blue confetti through my consistent and reliable J10, again- shhhiiiiit.
However the M4a1/wells sounds so sweet firing and when the odd full gel was pushed out it looked to have great potential. Can’t wait to run the AT hardened Milkies thru it and even more so can’t wait till the 30 day warranty period is up to begin some minor upgrades.
First world problems.