M97 Internal upgrades

Has anyone modded the internals for the M97? I have a whole heap of external mods and a hop up on the way in the post to make it look sick, was just wondering if anyone has played around with springs and such and if they came across any problems. It shoots pretty hard stock, I’m a little worried about putting a bigger spring in it and breaking it.

Hey mate ive put in an m4 1.4mm uneven spring and lubed it up real good cause it was pretty dry inside. Next upgrade is to change the piston head with an o ring type

Sweet man, did the uneven spring make a big difference? I was thinking of putting a 1.5mm spring in. I watched a video of the M97 being dismantled and was impressed with the stock alloy barrel and 1.4mm spring. The guy said the compression on the piston was pretty good, but I’d definitely be interested in an upgraded piston if they’re around! I’m pretty new to the modding scene so I have a pretty limited knowledge of whats about.

Where do you get a piston to fit it? Trying to find one myself at, brothers-in-laws seal had split

Does either 1.5 or 1.4mm fit in the M97?

Old thread i know, but…
Comes stock 1.4mm linear. Beefy. Should get 260-280 ootb. Hard hitter with 2 gels in the chamber…!!!
I payed $80 for my last one, but knew it was probably a friday box for that price. But was going to cut, slimline, and modify it heavily, so i didn’t care. I couldn’t justify putting a nice new m110/120 spring in so stretched out the stock and am putting a spacer into the piston end. I’m going to halve this to 3mm, add a slim washer, then a spare bearing from a silveredge spring retainer, and another custom washer probably, (or not).

And some reinforcement around the spring retaining posts. Maybe 2 part epoxy and some plastic reo. Or just a a stick of “old blind Freddy’s poor mans 3D goo”?

Got a hop up on one of mine. Not so much for accuracy on a 7.5mm id barrel, when 1, 2, or 3 gels can be in the barrel. But more for the fun/crazy angle and curving trajectories of the gels. You can hit a person from the left and right hand sides given the right situation. Its funny.
My piston definitely needs work. I get some good seal, but it, the piston and cylinder head nozzle are squarely in my sights too. Larger copper custom nozzle feed into the barrel connection and some delicate countersinking into the inside feed of the cylinderhead outlet. Also some sealing ideas as well. If this modded dud gets over -300 then its a few bux well spent in my opinion. When it’s done I’ll paint it and put it up in kits.
Im aiming for 20 to 40 fps increase for under $10. God bless bottom drawers and spare crapola.
It’s that, “i might just need that thing someday” syndrome. :grin: :joy:

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