M97 pump action

Has any one replace a spring in a m 97 pump action . What size spring was used and what othe up grades can I do Internally

I’ve put 1.5 gj m24 sniper springs in two of them, as well as 7mm barrels. Theyre good for 380-400fps now


How much game play have they had since doing this?

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No gameplay as such, no fields in my state, but both have had plenty of use. I run the dk hopper that holds about 200 gels and ive put at least 100 hoppers full through each one. One uses a full size gj 1.5, the other one i cut 3 coils off. The difference in fps is barely detectable but the shorter spring is a bit easier to load and would obviously be placing slightly less stress on the internals so i’d recommended snipping a few coils off. Just be sure to flatten out the cut end as best you can and file the cut edge nice and flat