MAC-11 G12 Gas blow back

Does the MAC-11 GBB only function when its loaded and firing gels or is it supposed to function when its just got CO2? All my GBB pistols function without gels but the MAC 11 just goes click and nothing happens.

Pretty sure they aren’t meant to be dry fired.

Just the MAC-11s or all GBB blasters? Currently dry firing my golden eagle 1911 without an issue.

Just them and maybe the MP5K.
All my pistols dry fire but those high rps full autos freeze everything.

Can confirm the MP5K also won’t fire on empty. Bolt drops, and rests against the feed lips.


Dry Auto this in bursts heaps. Got greengas mag too.
Ive found if you got a wednesday made one it’ll last. You can tell because the bolt wont fall off snapped randomly after said number of semi or auto uses, and niether will the stock rails snap like a twig.
I had 3, the first did what i mentioned, the l2nd n 3rd have lasted thousands of rounds and same ampunt of dry fire. touchwood. Coz the rest without any dry firing broke within hundreds of presses.

Also trick to df it is u out a little screw/bolt press screwed into the mag to hold down the spring below the grip and u got df heaven til the gas is out. Happy bllllllrrrrrttttting lads n gents,
dont drop it down the stairs like Doris.

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