Mag prime modification

Has anyone added mag prime? Done a mod to add it?

Petty sure they come standard with mag prime , you put the fire select half way between safe and semi and pull the trigger

That is a “fault” in the safety lever. They dont all do it. Mine is one that doesn’t

It’s not a fault, there is a mechanism on the side of the box for that purpose.
If you take the receiver off you can see it on the RH side near the mag well area

Yep. Done that. Doesnt work. The trigger is still locked. They are advertised as NOT having mag prime

and if you read down you see:
" 21 days ago

It’s not actually a mag prime. But just a fault in the switch/selector

Yeah, I never heard of them having a mag prime, let alone seen one in that spot. A happy accident, if I’ve ever seen one."

Mine doesnt do that, the trigger is locked in that position, thus my original question

I only linked to that to show how it works, I pulled one apart about a month ago and saw the extra piece in there and had to work out what it was, it turned out to be the mag prime

Actually the one I stripped was a Well v4 metal box

Mine works, most times.
1 notch back from semi.
Sometimes the trigger stays locked, sometimes it fires semi, most times it primes!

Mine just fires semi
So I am guessing no one has done a mag prime mod

My well v4 metal box doesn’t have mag prime?
I’ve tried all options, there is notch in the switch between safe and semi but it does nothing!

There is no notch but it is there

it is not there
you either have a locked trigger or you have semi-auto

It is the way the gearbox was designed to work. The ones that do the prime are actually faulty

Go watch the low guido video on the M401 he explains it

In the mean time I am just going to work out how to do the microswitch/diode etc myself

I’m pretty sure Low does a video on mag prime, they all work kind of the same.

I was hoping for some tips on locating the switch and how someone dealt with the diode as there is a solid bus bar to the mag +ve terminal instead of a bit of wire

But looks like I’ll just need to work it out for myself

They are not supposed to do that. It is a manufacturing fault and if you do it a number of times you will fry your switch board. I did it and i had to get a whole new gear box

Exactly why I wanted to fit a priming switch

If the two metal tabs on the left of the gearbox are bent down enough so that they make contact with the selector plate after the safety lever drops they should mag prime how you’d expect. Some of them are a bit higher than others from factory. I wouldn’t say its a fault. The extra detints on the selector makes me think they planned it.

except on mine those detents all work as Semi-auto