Mag prime mods question

I upgraded two std slr blasters with Silver wiring, and now I have two stock wiring kits lying around, I was wondering if I could use one to mod my friends arp9 to have mag prime ( it’s the version without it I can’t remember xyl . . Hlf?) after watching the some of the mag prime vids with the one way diode in them, I can’t seem to see the diode in the old circuit? It’s V2 and the vids were g8, not sure if that makes a difference, and it’s the slide switch not the button switch like the scar (my scar is at my friends house so I can’t take apart for reference lol )

Would it work if I just soldered in the slr switch in the arp9 circuit? Making sure I I get the positive/negative/neutral right with the correct mag connectors? Pretty much matching the old circuit? Or what about just putting the entire completed old slr circuit in the arp9, there both V2 ( although arp9 has got silver wiring as stock so I’d like to keep that if possible)

Thanks in advance!

I’ve done and screwed up my mag prime a couple times on my gen 9 a bit back now before I got it right. Not opened an slr so not 100% familiar with how theirs is set up. The diode would have to be there somewhere. As without it when you primed the mag the blaster would start firing on its own.

With what you’re planning on setting up the mag prime for. Where would the switch for the prime sit? In the charging handle or the gearbox itself? I’m just trying to get my bearings on that style of gearbox.

I did have more written up but I’m still only learning this stuff myself and forgotten a couple things. Need to go check my own blaster to double check some details.

Yeah I’d want to put it ontop of the gear box so ideally the charging handle would work like a normal prime. I have a screen shot of the arp9 gearbox and there’s no slot for the small switch to sit which the SLR gear box has.

If I had the arp9 here id just take it apart and have a look to see if theres room for the switch to be glued ontop of the gear box too, or cut a hole into gear box, or see if I can drop a SLR gear box into it, but that seems expensive for a mag prime mod I was hoping to do for free haha.

And yeah Ill have a another look through for the diode I must of missed it, maybe it’s just on one end.

As the different brands version of arp9 has prime hopefully should be feasible, even with a tweak or two. I’ll see if I can find a tear down of the different version to see about the switch

The xyl, that’s different the wires go into the box lol, and the handle then hits the switch.