Mag terminals soldered to a Perun

Hey all,

Looking for recommendations for who to take my Perun to to have the mag terminals soldered on, I’ve done a bit of soldering but don’t want to risk it.


Where are you located?

Brisbane Northside but happy to drive for quality work

kewl. well if you can’ find anyone else closer i’m based west of bne

but he way i did it was to add some new solder to the perun pads, pre tin the mag lines and then attach the two

the new solder saves you having to manage to melt the existing solder which i felt was excessive and just didn’t want to melt.

flux! you wan to use flux :slight_smile:

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I used Dan at vipertac Northlakes for my Install!
Don’t think it would cost that much for him to solder it on for you.