Magazine compatibility

Hi guys, started this thread so we can hv easy reference on said topic.

If any of u hv used different mags successfully on these receivers, please state them, also to note if they are a direct fit or some modification needed:

Receiver: mag
Gen 8: gen 8, plastic warinterest pmag for older gen JM
Well M4: well m4
Xm316 gen 8: gen 8, LH HK416v2, plastic warinterest pmag for older gen JM (some sanding on the mag needed)
JM J9: gen 9
J10: gen 10
Kublai K1:
Kublai K2:

There are some other receivers out there you may add like the TTM, maopul, FTM etc. and magazine like the LDT warinterest nylon Pmag, stanag, comp mag, bunch of other kublai and LDT mags and drum mag as well.


This may be a little off topic, but for anyone thinking of putting a Warinterest nylon box into a Wells M401 (to replace the stock one which has a habit of breaking), the gen8 mags will fit. The Wells mag has different positions for the wiring clips.
The gearbox is obviously not a straight fit in the receiver, but once I got it in there, the gen8 mag just went straight in. Works fine, seems to feed okay. The notch I cut in the top of the mag well that you can see just ahead of the bottom of the t-piece makes fitting the upper receiver a little easier. The scratches you can see are not from the magazine rubbing, but from filing the cuts I made in the receiver.


J10: J10 mags, Gen 9 mags
LDT HK416: LDT HK mags, Gen 8 drum mags

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Magpul Nylon Mur-1 receivers fit any Gen 8 ,LDT metal, glow and P-Mags (the ones that come with a new HK) that I’ve come across, or they fit anything the LDT HK fits.

Nothing fits the bloody Kublai receivers I have, except the Kublai metal stanag. And they’re a little bit rare and expensive. Im a mega tightass when were dealing with cheap Chinese stock.

SLR receiver fits all Gen 8, 9 mags


Hi guys, has anyone had success running a drum mag in a Kublai K1/K2?

Finally…I may be able to resurrect my wells yet

I’m done with acrylic boxes…won’t even buy the new aug until a nylon box for it comes out

Yeah, they were the Well’s two big flaws - gearbox shell and the receiver which had no easy upgrades as far as handguards and outer barrels were concerned.