Magazine Feed Issues

Something similar to the AK feed issues.

I am finding my blaster feeds well with a GEN 9 mag, but has drama with the HK mag

Any ideas @Maystro @LowGuido ?

if its not alignment it’s likely to be the mag motor

Nah the HK mag is feeding. If I tilt the blaster forward it starts feeding as normal - but when its at the horizontal it has problems again.

When I switch back to the Gen 9 mag the problem does not occur

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That might be mag / reciever fit then

If you hold the offending mag in / up, got love?

Tried that also. It fits very well. There is minimal movement.

Buy some more Gen 9 mags :+1:

Is there anyone near you that can let you try another HK magazine? Then you can find out if it is a problem with your mag only, or all HK mags…

Also try swapping the motor from a working mag to a non working one. It might be feeding but not strongly enough

Motors fine as there is excess gels if you remove the mag. And I have tested and it’s pushing gels out the top.

Not sure it others have experienced similar issues with the Warintrest mags but it was the same with my LDT HK and the mag on that.

this would return me to t piece alignment

Yeah may well be then… I’ll have to investigate more Thoroughly

so @zeHamish @Calcifer @Arty_Marty

I solved the riddle of the mag feed. It was Gel related. The Warinterst (HK) mag doesn’t like feeding smaller gels. the Command Elite ones to be precise. They are garbage do not buy.

I have found they don’t grow large enough and are very random in sizing