Magazine movement

Hey guys!!

Just got an UMP shell! Super excited, however putting it together I noticed the magazine has a lot of movement,

Is this normal??

Yeah, Mine has a bit of movement, nothing to worry about.

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cheers man, no gearbox to test, just wanted to make sure it was normal so it feeds normal etc etc

I think you’ll find they move a lot less once you’ve got the gearbox in - the bottom of the T-piece sits inside the ring around the opening in the top of the mag…

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appreciate it man =]

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Speaking of magazines, just spotted these “UMP9” style mags for the first time. Only $19.55 shipped with POTENT15 code right now.


Its funny how many sellers advertise them as ump9s but have a straight mag.

Im no expert but even i know the difference.

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shame cause I prefer the straight ones lol