Magazines and mag prime general question

Hi all - wondering if you can educate me on this:

Most mags seem to have wiring etc are they activated on firing to feed gels or is it only used with a mag prime?

I had a drum mag on a mp5 that wouldn’t feed - after tear down Of the mag I found the wheel in the mag was stuck so I removed the motor not sure if that was a wise move :grin:

Removed the motor and didn’t put it back in?

If that’s the case it won’t feed at all. When you pull the trigger is when the motor will run and spin that little paddle wheel feeding gels Into the tube the push them into your t-piece so your gearbox can fire the gels.

If it’s the ldt mp5 this might help you

Mag priming is the process of having a little bit of extra wiring with a switch so when you push it it will activate that mag motor to feed gels without having to fire the blaster.


Ok thanks @Xetarat appreciate the info

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Mag prime’s a good feature from the point of view of not dry firing your blaster all the time. Dry firing’s a little tough on your blaster without that cushion of air.

That being said, I have plenty that don’t mag prime off the battery… just hold open the latch at the top of the feedtube and fill it up from your speedloader. Usually only takes one or two trigger pulls to start firing gels.


I’m habe been thinking about fitting by blaster with a mag prime but my only concern is my mates who don’t know what they are doing holding it down for too long a gels getting banned up into the t peice.

Is there any way to put some form of timer cut off or am I dreaming?

There are a few blasters around that seem to have a timer function on the mag prime, watched a review last night on an older blaster that kept priming for a few seconds when the handle was released, but thanks to Mr Turkey I can’t recall which blaster. :thinking:

I don’t think you can really overprime… that change in motor noise you hear when the blaster’s primed isn’t gels getting smashed. If it was you’d be getting confetti out the end if your barrel every mag change.

Adding a primer is easy and I do it on all blasters except of course mechanical mags.
In almost all cases you will need to diode isolate the feed from the motor so priming doesn’t also activate the motor.

I love to tinker but I’m not big on the programmable prechargers. The additional gadgetry for something you only do once per mag insertion is for mine a waste of time and money.

Having said all that, a chip with a sensor in the t-piece that activates feeding when a mag is inserted until gels get in there would be more useful than a programmable one.

Ive always wondered how this works on the m90two pistols. Sometimes its short sometimes its longer , so has a cutoff somehow and maybe a sensor?

So does that just get soldered after the switch before the positive mag terminal

I can’t tell you, I’ve not used one and none of my blasters have a mag prime

90two has neither timer nor sensor.

A diode is added on the motor side of existing circuit, on +ve/-ve, whichever wire is switched by the trigger.
The additional switched circuit just has a switch.

Why does it stop, is it sorta like a clutch on a cordless when the motor cant turn it will stop ?
Or is it cause its part of the circuit board?

Doesn’t stop on mine. I still go by ear.
I suppose they could have a current/resistance trip as the motor will work harder when the feed tube is chockers.

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Yeah, the sound changes when you’re primed for sure… on any blaster. My M92 only primes when the button’s in, stops when I let the button off.

I find mag prime nice to have but it’s not a dealbreaker for me.