Magpul moe pts handguard

Does anyone know where in Australia a shop would have stock of a magpul moe pts handguard in a 7 inch length.

Hawkex are the only place I’ve seen them listed locally, and they’re out of stock.

I was lucky enough to grab a couple from Zhenduo before CNY and Coronavirus put everything on hold. Great price if you don’t mind an indefinite wait…

Big Boss Tactical have a 9" listed in stock. Never bought from them before - not sure if anyone can vouch?

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i put one of those 7in on my slr. had to remove a bit of material to get it to fit on the barrel nut / delta ring.Slr


Thanks. I have ordered one from zhendo. Bit hoping I could find one sooner and local. I think a couple hongkong as shops have them. I might try and see if someone I know in HK could get and send me one.

Interesting that you take your blaster in the bathroom Chop??!! (a bit of a worry) eye boggling laughing (1) rofl


Guys, I got one of these 7inch version. However the outer barrel flex abit affecting accuracy. Has anyone found a way to effectively stabalize the outer barrel to this handguard?

Cleaver firearms had the genuine Magpul Moe handguards a little while ago but haven’t checked recently.

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Did you get one these?

You can also use an A2 sight and pin it to barrel with the end cap and gets it nice and rigid
A2 sight
or a dummy gas block with the picatinny rails on it like in my picture earlier posted. Am using A2 sight setup atm though.


Got the notice saying “item delivered “ but nothing here. Ahhhhh. Bet Australia post took it to the wrong house. Guess I’ll see how AUS posts follow up goes.

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What is the difference between “A1” and “A2” o.o??

@icarus1314 I think it’s the handguard shape a1 triangle shaped and a2 is round like a gen 9 but I could be wrong.