Mags not feeding

Hi guys
I was trying to shoot my 13 to 1, 11 V battery set up and it worked for a little bit until the mag stop feeding. please keep in mind of the mags were full. I chuck them into my 16/1 blaster just to check it that worked . they were perfectly fine I tried all my mags and it’s still did not work. All mags did work in the 16 to one ratio. do you know what could be wrong. The mag coils looked fine and the gels were not coming up the pipe inside of the magazine

So if no mags are working with it then it sounds like the gearbox wiring rather than the mag itself, if you got a multimeter test the contacts of the gearbox when firing and see if it’s getting voltage, save pulling it all apart first, if not then something is either broken or burnt out.

Thanks mate I’ll give it a try when I get home from school

Mag stopped feeding or the blaster stopped sending gels?

If you drop the gels out of the feed tube in the mag, pop in the mag, test fire, no gels get sent, but you pop the mag and gels fall out of the mag well, mags feeding fine, and you probably have bad return spring

Looking in the mag well, at the t-piece, you should see the nozzle, and it should move back and forth when you dry fire

If you dont see it move, 99% confirmed bad return spring

.5% broken sector gear, .5% broken tappet

from school??

Yeah I’m 14 and I do some nice mods I’m also trying to get into a speedsoft team my names Ruben so in the future if u hear the name that’s me

Mag stopped feeding the gels didn’t come up the pipe

Get a 9v battery use it to run the mag. If gels come out its ok

If it doesn’t, try the other way. If that works, u may have your mag olates backwards

Of they just aren’t making contact with the plates anymore.