Maintenance tips and resource for GBB

Anyone have a YouTube video that is good for maintenance on GBB pistols with grease and silicone. For C02 and refill models? I want to know as much as I can before arrival so I know what to do and what not to do and how often? Loving this thread and you guys.

yellow is mapp gas. talking to Rowan from RPM tech shop its a little lower pressure than propane

Will straight up skip yellow gas then. Blue it is for the GBB.

For your plants😉?

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Map gas actually has more kick then propane

There is no mapp gas and hasn’t been for many years, the yellow bottles contain a mapp replacement called TF Ultra gas


So, curious…

How / where does one add the silicon oil?

Is it a very specific oil or?

Those adapters have a port on the side of them. Unscrew the plug and put a couple of drops in there.

Most from what I’ve read just use a light weight RC shock oil like 30-40 weight.

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Starting to do my research. Found this video that explains difference between gas models.

Might help people decide between gas and different gas types and type of pistol you may be interested in.

Ps. Hope its OK to post a YouTube video here for the rules.


They still label them map gas

Read the bottle, it says trade map gas not mapp gas, it’s a Chinese bottle trying to get sales by making it look a bit like mapp gas :rofl:

Mapp is a trade name of the company that made the gas.

The original MAPP gas production came to an end in 2008 as the sole plant making it discontinued the production. … It is found that the oxygen flame of MAPP gas cylinders is not entirely appropriate for welding steel, due to the high concentration of hydrogen in the flame.

That’s why i called it map gas and not mapp gas :rofl::+1:

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Hi guys. Is the Beretta on CEH C02 or Green Gas?

You are all bastards!

All this chatter about gbb pistols and the information on offer is a tease

Problem is there isn’t enough info that I’ve seen to make an informed decision on anything other than the kublai p1

What I have decided though is…
I want the gas in the mag using a nozzle refil, not a canister
I definitely want to run propane

Definite preference for the look and feel of the 92 but if the block platform performs better then that’s a no brainer

The only gbb I’ve managed to fondle has been the p1 which felt quite nice

Oh…and if that wasn’t bad enough, everything is sold out or pre order which is a gamble

Even if as manufacturers are getting into the game



Green gas.

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Can you use a filling adapter and use a soda stream bottle for green gas models. If not why? Why is some gas ok and others not? And does anyone know or see the refillable c02 12g bulbs. Would they be compatible?

I can’t hazzard a guess about the suitability of co2 for green gas models

But in general, oring compounds are often sensitive / appropriate to degradation / deterioration when exposed to certain gasses.

Think, refilling an old car AC with r134 without replacing the seals. The r134 will eat / dissolve the older seals and leak

the ones rated for duster gas like the p1 are designed for r134a which is sub 100 psi. with a metal slide you can run propane/green gas which is around 130 psi.

the gas powered ones CEH are selling (and Tac edge now have listed as coming soon) are designed for propane/green gas and likely wont cycle as well with the lighter pressure duster gas.

co2 models like the CEH “atomic armory” glock and M1911 and Azrael armory/Tac Edge APS gbbs are designed to handle a lot higher pressure as co2 is about 850 psi.

you’ll blow the slide off and potentially cause serious injury trying to use co2 with a green gas model.