Making it heavier

Is there a way to make the glock abit heavier like some sort of putty or sealant to add abit of weight to it?

Pull it apart and glue in sponge bits of metal, or use epoxy etc

Use fishing sinkers in any spare space there is.

Have a look at this post by @Sam_D

The stick on wheel weights are best… cut them singular or fit them in strips… wherever there is room inside for them Yessir

I bought a roll of these and stick them inside blasters… and make my RC excavators and other stuff heavier as counterweights… they fit in anywhere :+1:

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@Marcus_Aurelius PsssT hey… im gonna let you in on a secret, im doing up some custom grips in brass for the glock :wink: pics coming soon @Rattler


@Calcifer there isnt alot of room in these glocks, thats the issue, oh and @Marcus_Aurelius psst i forgot to mention a stainless silencer aswell :wink: