Mashing gels :-(

Hi guys,

Just opened up my blaster for the first time put new seal piston head nozzle 100% cylinder and put a new 7.3mm 350mm barrel and now it won’t shoot just mashing gels where they feed into t piece any ideas where to start to diagnose. Using same gels I was using before I opened it up

Not sure if I can help, but is the nozzle the same size as the stock one? Maybe gels too big for the barrel. Also check the barrel is fully pushed into the T piece it’s a dam tight fit and someone else had mashing gels when it wasn’t pushed right in

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What gel you using? The barrel could be too small for it O_O
also have a look inside the T-piece, if the barrel is already glued to the t-piece when they send it,
there could be residual inside jamming the gel.

but most likely its the ID being too tight for the gel

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I’ll take a look at this

Isn’t the ID of the factory barrel something like 7.8mm, would have to be a lot of over sized gels!

I’m running a 7.3mm barrel but I was running that and the same gels before I upgraded the box and had no dramas wondering what the hell I have done to get this issue I swear I have pulled this thing apart 10 times trying to figure it out. Pulling my hair out to be honest

7.3 should be fine for most gels. Look to see if you have anything in the barrel. Glue or something. If it was a new t piece there could be something in there. After saying that What barrel is it? My stainless one does that for the first 30 gels.

try some fresh gels…I know it sounds dumb…but just do it and see if you have the same issue. I had a similar issue that drove me nuts for weeks…it came down to gels.

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Tried some fresh gels this morning still same problem getting minced in the p-piece pulled barrel out checked that it was pushed in correctly still no joy. This is doing my head in

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Haven’t had a problem with the barrel until now was working perfectly before I opened up the gearbox now nothing seems to work

I’d be checking that t piece for glue or other obstructions.

If that checks out okay I’d be looking at the nozzle. Maybe put the stock one back in it to see if it sorts it out.

I’ve looked at the t-piece no glue or anything else in there and before I swapped out nozzle I ensured they were same size. Just one is alloy with double oring and standard is not. I’m chasing ghosts haha :rofl:

Can you give us an exact list of the parts and brands of everything you fitted.

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Maybe try out the nozzle with just one o ring and see if it behaves differently… shouldn’t matter though. :thinking: if you’ve upgraded the piston spring you may need to upgrade the tappet return spring too so that it gets that nozzle home fast enough.

Giving the cylinder head spigot a polish helps that sucker slide a bit easier too, I found… and liberal superlube.

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Thanks for all the assistance guys got it sorted the nozzle was seating into the t piece correctly. Also probably didn’t lube everything enough it was all pretty stiff. Got some lube in there and made sure everything was seating correctly and bingo she is firing again.

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Hey mate what cylinder head and nozzle did you use? I bought a new fighting bro head and nozzle and it doesn’t work. So using the stock one at the moment