MB05 accuracy upgrades

Any suggestions on what to do to improve a near new MB05’s accuracy? A Rizer helped it but nowhere near enough. I then added some better stabilisers to the inner barrel - trivial improvement. I also have an alloy piston and spring upgrade in it and it is pushing 415-420fps consistently. However, high(ish) fps is no use to me if hitting a wheelie bin at 25m is a rare case of pot luck.

Higher fps is actually going to have an adverse effect on accuracy as the gels will warp more in flight, among other things.

By the sounds of it you’ve pretty much done all you can too get accuracy out of it, maybe try dropping the spring down a grade or two and see if that improves it.

Accuracy for a sniper blaster is affected the same as any other AEG so also have a search on the forums at what other people have done to attain it, there were a free threads on it.

You won’t obtain any greater amount of accuracy out of it than people do with AEGs. The projectile is the same.

In a different sport, snipers are allowed to use heavier ammo in their rulesets which gives them better accuracy than AEGs, which isn’t an option for us.

I do understand that velocity can have an adverse effect and I can experiment with springs easily. However, does anyone have any experience with tuning them via inner barrel length? I would be interested in knowing what length they settled upon and which hopup was being used with that length as that information would be very useful regardless of spring (i.e. fps) used.

have a muzzletek v2 long on the way, and have replaced the inner barrel on my MB08 with stainless steel so ill be interested to see how that fairs once my outer barrel adaptor arrives, will let you know :slight_smile: