MCX LVAW Clone Rifle

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Handguard and silencer finally arrived. @jas @Dudefromoz


what magazine you using for that?

@Heikkin I use about 6 different types. LDT, SLR J13 Gen8 few others. Seems to fit them all

did you have to do any mods to the mag or anything? from what i heard the mag prime doesnt work and the feeding is bad cause those mags will sag a bit

That’s the LDT MCX not the LH one, mate.
No mag issues and has the standard LDX gearbox in it. No mag prime. It’s the CNC metal one made by VFC.
I have the bigrrr mosfet in my LDT MCX. No mag prime issues there. :wink:

Rodger that @jas

I have the T238 in that one and no feed issues

Tho I’m going to front wire it now and fuck off the buffer

I like your style.
Whole point of the MCX is to lose the buffer tube! :sweat_smile:

Yeah. LVAW kit is sexy as

Back to its natural form @jas


Where did you source the handguard from? i CANNOT find anywhere that will ship any handguard kit to australia… :sob:

Wat did have LVAW handguards in stock.
I got SUR500 sent direct from the manufacturer.
I see handguards and sups are now on Ali too.

ive been hunting one of the lvaw handguards and all the hong kong websites cant ship due to export changes recently. did you have a link for one on ali? i cant find anything on there

Ali doesn’t have the LVAW handguard just the SUR500.
Message a soft artisan directly. They make the LVAW handguard and get them to ship directly to you. They did for me.

Yeah I shot them a message a little while ago, on the 31st of December Kong Kong post ruled that due to the pandemic reducing the number of flights out they aren’t allowing air postage of anything out of HK, literally any website that had them i messaged and got the same response that they cant send anything out of the country to USA, canada, mexico and australia. im just gonna have to wait till they change the postage rules in the future.

Fair enough.
It’s been a struggle getting anything out of HK for a while.
Did you speak to Wat Int?

Nah, Should i shoot them an email?

I ordered a heap of HPA parts from Hong Kong on the 23rd December and they arrived on the 30th December so I don’t understand why they would say they can’t ship 🤷

Yeah speak to Wat. Never know your luck.

Cheers for helping me mate.

Im ready to covert mi self. That dboys clone is retina rumbling :heart_eyes:

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