Metal 13:1 gears and ladder

Looking into upgrading my Jingji SLR CQB to increase the rate of fire. I’m planning to get a 13:1 metal gears put into it. But I see that there are 13 and 14 teeth metal ladder. I’m sure someone will know this. Just wanted to know what is the difference and which one should I get to go with the 13:1 gears?

one has thirteen teeth and one has fourteen teeth :rofl:


no but I would imagine less teeth would be a higher rate of fire. How it would work is: the gears connect to the metal ladder pulling it back until it runs out of teeth to pull back on, and then it would release the piston and fire the ■■■. Less teeth would mean that there’s less work involved for the gears. And that results in a higher rof?

Yeah something like that :rofl:

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also have you done anything else to your ■■■? 13:1 gears could really mess it up.

Also I have a limited knowledge of this stuff so I could be wrong. But I’d go for 13 teeth one.
Also I believe there’s some sort of ration on this stuff but I’m not sure. But I think if you get 13 teeth one you’ll be right

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While I have been reading through the endless knowledge this forum pumps out once you start to mess with the gear timing especially going to 13:1 your tappet will come out of sink and will end up having to trim some off the end of tappet tail.

I’m still a noob to the forum so I don’t know to link threads but if you search tappet timing everything will be explained there

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Got a picture of the 13:1’s. You can count the teeth on the sector gear.

14 teeth , or sometimes 14 and a half on the ladder , is really the space of 15 as the 1st tooth is missing or shorter. Hope this helps.

Assuming your not happy with an 11.1v?

im doing the same thing and i got the shs 14 tooth one, might have to change once i put it in.

what motor are you using? im using a high torque chi hai motor


Just looked at shs 13:1 looks like sector has 16 teeth so the 14 should be the one

You will need to either match the number of teeth on the ladder to the number of teeth on the sector gear (the side which doesn’t have teeth around the whole rotation) or cut a tooth off the pickup side of the sector gear to avoid the gears clashing on release.

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Yeah … I’m running stock SLR CQB with 11.1v. But when going against the ARP9 or the LDT MP5, I’m hammered :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah … Definitely have to go with high torque. Looking into either chi hai or SHS motor

m4a1 sells it for 70 bucks 480 long (480 neo magnet 26tpa long)

13 teeth pistons will be missing the 2nd and 3rd pick up tooth, usually to avoid pre engagement with the sector gear.
13::1 in a stock SLR box will take quite a bit of work to get right and reliable. Be ready to go deep into the rabbit hole with this. I wouldn’t suggest it if you have limited experience with such things. You could start with just a faster motor and get more gels out per second. And run 11.1 volt lipo battery


That’s a sound advise Daveb. Given that this is my only CQB blaster, I can’t afford to screw it up for now. I am already running it at 11.1v. Might just wait till I can get my hands on the XYL ARP9, then will head down the rabbit hole with the SLR CQB.