Metal AK74 Recomendations

Was wanting to make a Opfor kit (russians in syria metal ak74) and am in the middle of looking for a blaster but i can only find metal 74s with akm style mags i can’t see myself buying a $600 blaster that’s going to annoy me every time i look at it. i’m fairly new to buying gel blasters if anyone has any recommendations that would be greatly appreciated.

Im not up with the latest offerings but the aps can be made decent

my aps full wood ak works well rx mags fit can get metal ones as well also rx drum however the drum was a dodgy mod on the one i got took me a bit to make it strong but does work well with it now

but wait until they have a special save some money


yes however the additional mag both those sites offer that are compatible including the metal rx mags are 7.62 ak more pronounced curve style and not the 5.45 curve of the 74 as the build i am looking for is a more modern ak74 the more curved mags are just a deal breaker for me eg this mag style is the proper 74 that i am looking for however the mag linked is not compatable

You might be able to modify the mags to fit the APS range of metal AK. Remove the top plate of the mag you want and replace it with a RX mag top plate. Probably not a simple swap but anything is possible if you want it bad enough.
3D printing a new top plate could be possible too. They are the only full metal AK available in Oz. You would have the buy a Nylon built AK to get the look you want out of the box.

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There’s a discount code for 8% from these guys for forum members

I love my aps ak. But is is heavy and loud.


Yeah, I would also go for one of the real wood ak’s from tactical edge. They look good and work really well for the price.

I Would recommend the platinum series from tactical edge. The have great real wood ak’s. The looks and the performance is worth the price. You can maybe buy it when there is a discount code available.

Azreals has a wider range of the platinum aks if none on tac edge tickle the pickle

I have both a metal APS AK and an Alpha King Ak-74M with nylon receiver and metal upper.

I personally still prefer the Alpha King (it has been my favourite blaster for a long time, it has done three 24hr milsims and countless casual game days).

Yes, the mags feed terribly out of the box but they can be modified to work great if you want to put in the effort. I think the red dragon gearbox in the alpha is a good unit and I prefer it over the silver edge V3 in the APS unit. Even with the nylon receiver, I think that it’s still work a look if you’re desperate for an AK74 with the correct magazine.


Agreed, metal doesn’t necessarily mean best build. For game days I would take my ACR-R over the 4 APS metal Aks I have.
Just ordered myself the wood hand grip J12 from Ihobby. ,$165 with the discount for forum members.

hey yea in regards to the alpha king 74m do u know of anyways to replace or change the nylon bit to metal? to be purely honest all i am wanting is a true to form ak74 with a heavy preference to it being as close to 1/1 size and weight if need be i can put up with the akm mags but its not something that i particularly want

On 1/1 sizing, the Alpha King is good to go. That furniture above is genuine Russian and only requires minor modification to fit so it at least ticks that box.

Obtaining a metal AK receiver on it’s own is going to be very difficult, other than by purchasing a complete APS blaster.

This blaster with the red dot sight probably weighs as much as a full metal blaster without the sight.

Anyhoo, it sounds like you will be happiest with something with a metal receiver…in which case the APS is the only option at present.

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I’m in the same boat as ScreamingRat.
I’m interested in getting a realistic AK-74. But I just wanted to ask. GBA is selling some AKA AK-74M’s. Is this legit. And if it is, is it a good offer for $180?

Pick it up before you hand over the money. GBA have a rep these days for never answering phones or emails when people ask … where is it?

I’m not sure I was just browsing the nex when I found that GBA suddenly had some AKA AK-74M’s for sale. Although you have got get to it through selecting the AKA AK-74MS. It says they’re are in stock too.

That doesn’t mean shit with them. Sorry to say. They just closed their shop too, so if you have issues with communication, you are shit out of luck. @Orzo is out $750.00 nearly 9 months on, no product. By all means, try your luck … but … I wouldn’t.