Metal Barrel for 90two

Anyone tried a metal G18 barrel in the 90two?

Techincally its a glock inside so id say yea it would

You can buy a metal barrel specifically for the beretta and it even comes with a threaded end. I’ll see if I can find a link

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That is a glock metal barrel and wont work

@Gelball-Bucky yes it will work, the t piece is exactly the same as the g18, and where the step is for the threads would protrude enough for the slide to still funtion properly. Dont believe me? Ive got pics…

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It will work if they send you the right one. The step sits inside the slide with the glock one. The Beretta one is 5mm longer

Just received mine from Zhenduo. Ordered Beretta metal barrel. It does not work. The treads catch on the slide and stop it from cycling. The threads end inside the slide and the step catches the slide. Now we have a debate going

Could it be as simple as a little filing?

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No. The thread on the one they sent me ends inside the slide. Even if you rounded the step off the slide would still ride up over the edge. It fits fine in my Glock

Can I get a pic?

Curious more than anythjng.

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thread ends just inside the slide and catches slide when it cycles

Putty as fill which would need sanding to neaten up the finish

You could cut up a spare barrel and use a drill bit to open it so it fits over the threaded section

There are plenty of things I could do but Zhendou need to know it is poorly manufactured. Their response was that it is the right length for the Beretta. Too bad that it doesn’t work

The end off a t-piece would fit over the thread if I reamed it out and opened the barrel port on the slide

I think I’m just going to put it in a Glock and screw on a suppressor

Zhendou are probably unaware.

I make a point of providing feedback for such things

This is the picture from their site

It shows the barrel protruding past the end of the slide. The one they sent has the threads ending inside the barrel port when installed

Take a decent pic

Send them a pm

I’ve found them to be quite good in general with feedback and it’s easy for them to get boned with drop ship

They claim it is the correct barrel and it was shipped with other items from the warehouse.

Drum mag and two M4 mags were in a box that had no packing and the box had been squashed in transit

This is the first time I have had a problem with one of their items where they have not been willing to recognise an issue or had a problem with
the quality of their shipping

They have several pics and detailed description of the differences between their item, as advertised, and what I received. Their response is that they sent the right one