Metal Buffer Tube Adaptor

Hey guys,

Can anyone explain how the buffer tube adaptor fits? I cannot see how it is possible, as the tube on the reciever is thicker than the hole in the adaptor.

Looks like a gen8 Adapter. Ive been on the hunt hot a nice gen9 tube Adapter for the SLR but they are lean on the ground.

My buffer tube is held in by a plate in the buffer tube and a big ar53 thread through it into the box and spring retainer.

It’s perfectly functional. Just not sexy

Yeah thats how I’ll have to do mine. Sick of these dodgy ebay sellers (chinese) listing things as g9 when they’re g8. Have about $150 in parts i need to return as they’re not compatible with my g9 even though they were listed as such.

I wonder if a Dremel, some determination and much patience could make it work?

Nah, ill make the seller take it back and refund me for being deceptive.

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You need an XPower buffer tube guys… And you can buy the sling mounts to go underneath it…

I know that is an SLR but it’s same for gen 9.

Cheers mate. How can you be certain that parts will fit as i have xpower parts that also do not fit, such as the mag release which i can mod and the trigger which just slips off the switch mechaniam.

Check that you are running the V2 triggers and mag releases (I know its an obvious answer, however the differences in them are so small that it effects the working of them) i.e the mag releases are about a fraction wider in the older models even though they look the same to the naked eye…

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Also, with the rear stock, it will fit! as the bolt goes through the centre of the buffer tube and screws into the rear nut you can see… the buffer tubes have slots in the sides for the two “wings” on the mounting piece of you receiver!.. I guarantee it will fit for you bud. If not, I will buy the buffer tube off you! (I know 100% it will fit) and the sling mount pieces sit under the buffer tube and are held tight by the castle nut on a buffer!

gen 9 receivers are keyed differently on the buffer tube mount.

whilst the tube will indeed fit over and fasten with the bolt, many of the buffer tube adapters which are essentially cosmetic on the gen9 and slr aren’t keyed appropriately to fit

Not sure. I am completely new to this. I just expected that if i purchased parts as being advertised for my gun, they would work. The trigger seems to be for a gen 8 and the mag release mag catch is too high and it fouls on the bottom edge of the mag catch. I would need to show a picture. Coming from RC cars, gel blasters seem to be cheap shit lol.


100% man, there is no way the adaptor could ever fit. The tube fits but i wanted the adaptor to ger rid of the gappy look.

exactly what you need! and yes… fine tuning the fit is always required!

I’m not sure about the other stuff but just look at your profile of your original gen9 orange mag release and file down the xPower one to match, it worked for me.

Yeah i can make them work, but i already have had to tig weld components to make them work and i’m slack to do more custom work as i can only really do it at my workshop where my tools are and by the time i knock off i am too slack.

I’ve got to teach myself to be able to tig and mig weld. I have a question @ThatGuy, if you weld aluminium does it still anodise ok? As anodising works on a molecular surface level I wonder if you would get a consistent result?