Metal buffer tube that's blue?

Looking for a standard M4 buffer tube that’s blue. However I want one with a matching blue 9-10mm thick castle nut.

I can find plenty of Blue buffer tubes on AliExpress for around $18 but they all have black castle nuts.

Anyone seen one?

Might have to anodize a castle nut myself but it won’t match the blue tube :confused:

Cheers, Marty

Bloody hell… spent 3 days looking for one, posted that, thought “I’ll have one more search” and found one. :woozy_face:

haha! Weird hey, but it pays to persist. You know something i’ve found with Aliexpress is that i’ll have an items title (in AliExpress) right there in front of me, go do search for the EXACT SAME words, so i can find similar items and the search returns no results. Sometimes I wonder how many things I search for are actually there but their weird ass search engine cant find it.

Anyway, stay on topic! Good find bud. It’s got me buggered how you found just the right colour and size castle nut that you wanted, that’s a bit specific, but good job!

I think it pays to search AliExpress on a PC. I’d been doing it on a phone and the pc came up with different results.
I’ve also found that it makes a huge difference with what you sort the results by. It would be logical that it would be the same list just sorted differently hey?
Haha not a chance. Totally different results when you change from sort by price / orders / best.

Now I figure that with a user name of “blaster parts” you’re someone I should get to know…


You’re kidding!!?? That’s so weird, just by changing the sort or device youre using. I’m going to play around with it and check this out, thanks. Yeah i’ve only recently started receiving a fair bit of stock, and my webstore isn’t up yet but I am selling a little bit on eBay, but at an increased price to try and cover the high eBay fees. Ill pm you in a bit, gotta collect some stock thats just arrived :slight_smile: Btw, im located in Toowoomba.

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Oh may I also receive a pm please

Yeah sure Master Yoda, no worries. All my stock isn’t itemised yet but I could give you some photos to give you a rough idea of what’s available. I don’t really focus on cosmetic upgrades so a good deal of my current stock is performance / upgrade parts.

@Arty_Marty Hey Marty you could give me a rough indication too if you like?I will probably will just show you guys everything anyway so it doesn’t really matter.

Get back to you two ASAP! For now I have eBay problems to resolve :unamused: Talk soon.

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Slighlty different topic but I am chasong green buffer tubes and barrels if anyone has seen them

I think I saw some. Depends on the colour green you mean too.

The other trick to AliExpress is to know what to search for…
There is bugger all when you search for “buffer tube” but heaps more if you search for “stock pipe”, “stock tube” etc.
Don’t bother searching for “green” and you need to look at each listing as they usually have a photo of a black one, with drop down option to pick other colours…

A good trick is to do a photo search of what you want, and then see what they actually call it. Then search for that. :nerd_face:

Here is a place that has heaps of different colour handguard rails, look through their stuff and see what else they have. Usually if they have big colour range it carries across

Don’t be afraid to message them and ask too. “do you have a stock tube that matches this handguard colour” etc.

Oh and remember to scroll down to the “more to love” section that shows similar stuff from other suppliers

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Mmmmm… I like the Fuchsia one :+1::smiley:

No no the Lavender is much nicer darling :eyes:

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The “Babyshit” green one is rather nauseating! :slight_smile:

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