Metal delta ring for gen9?

Is there ine that sits lower like the stock nylon one on the left?
Everything I found so far sits much higher like the metal one on the right :confused:

my metal delta rings exactly the same. Does it throw out the distance to the front sight so you canโ€™t put your handguard back on?

No no, the metal one is actually better on putting the handguard back

can you do us a big favour. can you take some pictures of all the stuff you are putting on your J9 plus the original bits going back on.You got posts all over the place and i canโ€™t keep track of what parts you changing anymore lol. maybe transfer or get big weetbix to put all your J9 posts into one topic.


Problem is it have a big gap between the ring and the upper receiver, which looks ass :joy:
With the nylon one I can get it really close :confused:

Arh ok, sorry :sweat_smile:
Coz I work on bits at a time while waitin for the rest to arrive, so its all over the place :pleading_face:

Just update your original thread. Easy to follow

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