Metal gears for slr?

I’m putting together a slr cqb build and can’t seem to find metal gears to put in .
Iv been asking stores etc but they can’t help out .

I’m hunting a set for a high rpm build as the field I play on has 330fps limit .
Iv stripped 2 nylon sets already so really wanting metal for the longevity lol.
I know the receiver can house any v2 style gear box so can swap out the standard if need be . Any help would be great .

Hi and welcome @Sean_Towner
You should be able to find gear sets easily?


@Rattler Thank you for the link good sire :grin::+1:

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Chubbs is a top supplier.

Gearsets, most boxes now should be V2 complaint so the SHS, fighting bro, bigrrr of the world should drop straight in

I brutalized some SHS gearing in my JJ SLR and it just keeps on going


Cheers guys :slight_smile: happy blasting

JIC your not well versed in metal gearing

Read up, watch everything on proper shimming

It’ll save you a world of hurt and cost later on

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And angle of engagement… youtubes is your friend :+1: