Metal Gen 8 gearbox?

Has anyone had experience with the metal Gen 8 gearboxes?

The Clear plastic gen8 gearbox I have is not having a good day in a nerf blaster as it bows out at the sides causing the gears to pop out of the brushes or bearings. So thought I’d try nylon, then thought screw it, let’s do metal.

That looks good. if its a direct fit with little to clearancing that would be good to.
Hope to hear some reviews, might be a good upgrade for a future build

I have yet to see an alloy gen 8 box.

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Reckon it would be a licensed to print money

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I ordered two so I’ll let ya know… One will go in a tar21, and the other might be going in this:

@BigWeetBix Check the link in the first post, metal gen 8 box for you to see

Sorry I did see that but the pics show only nylon? Assumed it’s the classic ‘misinformative keywords to sell crap’ listings

I’ve seen other pics, it is actually metal. But it’s cast metal not machined so might be brittle. It should be stronger than the plastic one anyway.

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@BigWeetBix if you click on the drop down menu and choose metal, pics show then

I should just give up the internet today! Such a newb.

how about a CNC gen 8 :slight_smile:


Might as well just do a version 3 gearbox if you’re going to cnc one.

Or do you have gen8 cnc?

We are finalizing V3 at the moment

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I’d be interested in that for sure. Something to standardise on for my custom scratch build blasters

Oh, please don’t. I’ve already spent enough money in the last few weeks, and haven’t even finished building the MK V2 box…


Ok… It has arrived.

It’s no cnc precision thing, just cast metal so it might be more likely to crack than a nylon one. But for $50 it’s an interesting experiment.

Haven’t checked it for dimensional accuracy or anything yet… The two halves are a perfect fit though. I’ll let you know


keen to see this in action.

i have no position either way on cast but prefer billot primarily because there is no question over cracking due to poor pour material

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Ahhhh… yes… The dreaded GBMPS!! :roll_eyes:

the Gel Blaster Money Pit Syndrome :woozy_face:

Getting into blasters is just like…



i hear that…my parts list for the mk tac pistol build is starting to add up

on paper at least.

if only i could bring myself to use crappy parts

I have about, and I’m not exaggerating here, 8 different shops sending me stuff in the mail; I’ve had to keep a list to remind me of what’s what. I recently bought some Lonex double-bushings and Lonex bearings (because I can’t decide which ones I’m going to install in the MK), and it was then and there that I decided to stop adding the total cost up.

Funny thing is: in about one or two months, you’ll see the whole lot all up for sale in the classifieds section for a total of $80 when I’m stuck winding up my job and organising to move back to Vic :joy: