Metal M4 Receivers


I’ve broken a few nylon receivers so I’ve had enough, I want to go the metal receiver route.

I’m aware of the various legality debates, I’m in a state where it’s OK (but not allowed at some fields, fine).

Hawkex sell the MK2 (recently increased in price to $182), AsiaAirsoft also sell one that looks very similar ($89 shipped).

Does anyone have the AsiaAirsoft version (also known as the version)? Which gearbox does it suit? The site says J9, but I’d prefer to get the official word from someone that has one.
Piiiiiics please as the renders/photoshop of on the site looks crap.

The Hawkex receiver (from their site) appears to be suited toward the warinterest gearbox.

I ask because of the differences in T-Pieces and how outer barrels attach.
I have some airsoft outer barrels that I was going to bore out to allow for gel ball inner barrels, but it’s all moot if I can’t find a receiver and gearbox that suits.

Thanks :smile:

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The ones from Hawkex should go up today at some point. I would not buy anything from Wish, usually all bad copycat items. So your gambling with the quality and also gambling with whether customs notices it or not. They will NOT allow it through without permit if they do manage to discover it.

My advice, get a metal receiver that’s already in Aust. Pretty soon there will be a surplus of them. Then chuck in an MK gearbox shell.

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I see what you’re saying about Wish, I’ve bought from asiaairsoft before and all has gone well (airsoft front end assemblies/RIS etc).

Paging @ Maystro & @ Brad_May, if you guys are around, any input would be appreciated.

@benjmd I’m fascinated that you break them. Where do they usually break?
And how did you do it?

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It’s usually adding and removing Delta Rings/changing RIS. I’ve also managed to completely thread where the charging handle return spring goes. Plastic/Nylon just isn’t durable enough.

@benjmd totally agree with the delta ring, it’s because of that bloody spring thing makes it so hard to get it straight.
I use the metal barrel nut now and that goes on perfect every time.

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Screw it, just bought 2 of the the Hawkex V2 receivers. Let’s see how this goes.

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Let us know if you get them or they go to the ABF Christmas fund.

Technically they can’t stop them because a replica firearm is only a replica if it is fully assembled and can be mistaken by a reasonable person as a functioning firearm.

The rules about parts of firearms being restricted is in the section on REAL firearms. Real firearms are restricted as whole things or in parts.

If you get parts of a firearm that are toy parts (which gelblaster fall under) it’s only a replica if it can be mistaken as a functioning firearm. So a barrel, receiver without an installed trigger or a stock by its self fall into the unrestricted category of toys like nerf guns etc. No reasonable person could say “that’s a functional firearm” just ask them
“and how would you fire it?”
“you just pull the trigger”
“OK, please point to the trigger that you would pull” “ummmmmm…”

I think he means the ones from Hawkex Tactical. They are already in Australia.

They went up for sale at 6pm and sold out by 630pm. They reckon there was 250 units but I highly doubt they sold that many. Especially when they aren’t posting anywhere except QLD and SA.

Oh, I thought he was importing from asiaairsoft
Who was selling them locally?

I’m not sure if they are truthful on stock quantities though, unless they are selling the lot in small quantities to ease shipping and packing labor.

Hmmm it’s a tough call between this and asiaairsoft at just under $100 au shipped

Hi @benjmd, I bought a metal M4 receiver from Wish. I got this to put a metal APS gearbox in which fits in a treat, I guess it should because the APS is a V2 gearbox and these M4 receivers are made for airsoft metal V2 gearbox’s. I never tried fitting my gen9 gearbox in to see if it fits because I put this in a Xpower BD556 nylon receiver.

The metal receiver I got from wish is one of the same ones from Asia Airsoft. It is a quality build and the charge handle and fire selector come assembled unlike the nylon xpower BD556 receiver which I got locally.

I think I paid around $110 bucks from wish so in hind sight I should have just gone straight to Asia Airsoft where I bought my APS gearbox for $100.

All gen9 metal guards and but stocks fit these receivers . I’m using a standard gen9 metal outer barrel which locks in place with a barrel nut. I’ll just have to shave down the end of the inner connection joint of the barrel to fit a metal FB t-piece.

I haven’t got this fully working yet because I am waiting on a Bruisemaster inner barrel.


Also you don’t have to select the Gel blaster version on Asia Airsoft. All the standard M4 airsoft receivers will work with gen9 accesories, just not sure about the gearbox but all V2 gearbox’s will fit like Mk Tactical and Retro Arms.

Oh very cool. I emailed asiaairsoft but didn’t hear back in time.

The asiaairsoft receiver says it supports j9 gearboxes (I guess that’s the difference?).

It’s just hella risky to do that international order. I might chance it once I sell some old gel stuff. I’ve ordered from them before but nothing really ‘gun’ shaped.

I’m pretty sure all metal M4 receivers will take a Gen9 gearbox from Asia Airsoft. That one gell blaster model looks identical except it has some lame gell blaster motif instead of the cool US Govt logos and some are even engraved.

The next time my bullet proof nylon case Gen9 in my nylon BD556 fails, I will pull iit out and see if it fits the metal M4 receiver.

@Arty_Marty do you use loctite or spacer washes to secure your hand guard to the barrel nut? My one tends to slip a little since I ground of the the 2 little lugs which hug the receiver?

Want a tough Nylon receiver thats V2 compatiable with only a small mod to open the front to fit the MKTH/RA V2’s (takes about 3 minutes with a file, less with a drill/sander) then get the black nylon wells on Aliexpress. Inc metal parts and a metal trigger to boot! Oh yeah, get the grip, again small mod but way better grip with 4 bigger better screws and it looks awesome because it feels awesome in the hand. You wont regret it…

I use self tapping screws with a nice wide head for drip…

Yeah I saw that wells receiver on alli express for $24 aus, great deal all right. But looking at the wells the but stock connector looks different than a gen9 and not sure about the front hand guard? Are they compatible @Steve_Hardy?