Metal Magazine for Warinterest Tracer Gel Balls

Hi there !

Just wondering if anyone had seen/used these mags and gels yet?

Link below

I have but I am going to try and make something to retrofit for all magazines.
I just purchased all the parts for it today.
3w White led module
3w UV led module
3w full spektrum 380-840nm module
LDT glow gels

I will see which L.E.D module charges them up the best and go from there.



Cant wait to hear your results.

Good luck.

I will be testing the glow gels tomorrow night.
Dont have the special mag yet, but do have a UV torch to charge them with. UV will work the best I think.

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Let me know how long they stay charged for after a quick exposure to uv. Also if uv or white light is better.
The little device im thinking of making will be glued into the mag facing the feed tube with two led 3w modules.
Im hoping to pull power of the mag terminals so the led is only powered while trigger is pressed.
If that is not enough time to charge then I will try a rig up a small switch on the mag to switch the light on longer. Not sure yet depends on:
Time to charge.
How long they stay charged for after light exposure.
Im tying to keep it all in the mag if possible, that way I dont have to buy suppressor style tracer units for different blasters.
Worth a shot as the parts a cents each so we will see how it all goes

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I snagged two of the Metal Tracer LDT Mags. Hopefully should arrive tomorrow.

One thing I will be testing is that the light is not constant, as there is only power given to the mag during mag charging and firing so you could potentially have quite a few gels not charged with light properly. But I will be trying all this out.

I also have a Xcortech XT301 to test out too, so double the charging power :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Mind taking some photo’s of the build bud?

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yeah cool no problems, all the parts will rock up in the next couple weeks hopefully


The glow gels are pretty bright alright, after just a brief charge under a fluro. Will report back fully later tonight.

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Ok, well no test with the UV torch, my youngest daughter has lost it !
So just charged them under a fluro light that works pretty well. They are very bright for about 1 minute, then gradually fade to dim after a few minutes. The first several gels out of the mag looked great, but after this they were too dim. You definitely need a proper tracer suppressor, or mag to use them well.
Anyway, will be getting a proper mag for them in a week or so.

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Sweet so sounds like a bright led in the mag will do the job

So I found a few of the same L.E.Ds at home that I ordered from AliExpress so I thought I would rig up a white light version.
I had to use 3 L.E.Ds because of their voltage.
I used 2 L.E.Ds first but they blew in 2 seconds.
3 works well on 2s 7.4v and are ultra bright and dont get hot after 5 mins of constant use.
If you use 3s then will either need 2 more lights or a diode to limit voltage.1562314456705447761029262075210|375x500

It hurts to look at them for more than 3 or 4 seconds so I think they should be bright enough to charge the gels as they are fed up the feed tube.
I will also have to hot glue over all the terminals to protect from moisture when its in the mag.
Hopefully it works by just splicing into the mag motor wires so install will be nice and easy.

Ahh, looks good ! Wonder how much current they draw ? Hopefully does not adversely affect the battery life too much.

Nah nothing. I have had them running for 2 hours straight and voltage dropped 0.2v over that time.

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