Metal mags for cyma m4

Any one able to push me in the right direction for getting metal mags for my cyma m4(full metal) rifle?. As much as the nylon mags work I would like to finish off my full metal build with metal mags. Found these in eBay but not sure if kublai and cyma are comparable?

That looks like it will fit to me. Latching point in the right spot and the feed tube extends above the mag unlike a wells mag.

Make a call to m4a1 they sell both blasters and can tell you if they’re compatible. :ok_hand:

Awesome cheers mate will do.

I tried to modify a gen 8 pmag but it would fall out after some shaking. Just thought I would ask the group prior to dropping 33 bucks for a mag. Will let u all know if it works

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If your looking for metal mags for the cyma try these. Yes expensive but work fine.

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