Metal p90 gearbox

I need a durable p90 style gearbox.

I know people have had various levels of success getting an AS gearbox to work with gel balls and dealing with issues like timing, tappet plate travel etc

I’m curious if anyone has tried it on a p90 style gearbox?

Any thoughts etc?

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I’ve just dropped the new Gen 3 nylon box into the daughters P90. It’s way more durable than the previous crappy plastic. I haven’t seen any metal ones yet.


I saw that but wasn’t sure if it was really nylon.
Ok, that might work for what I need. How well Does it go? Any chrono scores?

The problem with the AS metal ones is the nozle is part of the tappet plate so probably a nightmare to make work.


If anyone is wondering, one of my builds will be dual or three barrels - and that gearbox is the only thing that will fit…