Metal select fire switch for JM SCAR V2?

I can just tell that the fire select switch on my SCAR V2 is going to snap, I already have a metal trigger & will be getting a metal mag release but was wondering what metal fire select switch is appropriate ?

To be clear i mean the actual external plastic switch knob, not the internal switch mech.

Ok apparently SHS metal fire selection switch is what I need but I cannot seem to track one down that is in stock.

Can anyone suggest where I can get one ?

I tracked the select fire switch down eventually and hopefully it arrives this week but can anyone help me track down a metal charging handle ? no one seems to have them in stock.

JM SCAR Metal Charging Handle

These were like hens teeth 12 months ago, doubt it’s any better now :frowning:

Metal select fire switch is a PITA to fit and doesn’t fir well with the moulded bump stops. The ball bearing doesn’t line up with the moulded indents. I ditched the ball bearing and spring and used a curved spring washer on the inside to maintain tension. Safe is at the SEMI position.

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