Metal spring guide v2

I have a question for owners of the MK v2 box. What spring guide are you using and where can I get it please> Have bought one but it was too wide. I also have a plastic v2 but it moves alot with the M120 spring. I saw some company selling the MK box with the spring guide but can’t find it again. A point in the right direction will save me some money on an already expensive build

This is the one I am using.
I don’t like the way the retainer sits in the MK boxes :frowning:


does that move about or sit skewiff

Yep everything does thats why I hate the way it’s done

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think I may just file my current one down to fit snug in the end then, thanks baby yoda

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No problem baby pig dog :rofl:


I bolt mine through the back

Sometimes with the Buffett tube bolt, sometimes with a washer and shorter bolt


Yes that is a must with the MK box but it still doesn’t fix that the retainer lugs just don’t sit nice and square in the seat.
There are also other issues that most people just would not notice without very careful inspection when building :frowning:

I’ve got an fb retainer I’ll check fit tonight