Metal upgrades! J10 ACR

Okay… I have just installed all the metal replacement parts for my ACR now my dumb ass has ran into some damn issues!

1.) Ejection port slide is not locking back nor closing the complete gap when I let go,

2.) When I choose Semi-Auto my trigger stays back towards the stock unless I flick it forward, however on full auto its as normal?

I just ran a full mag through of milkies and I have no issues with it feeding at all, any ideas boys? Any videos that would allow me to see what in the actual fuck I done without pulling it all apart again!!!

spring does not sit properly in metal ejection cover plate. have to open the holes up where the springs sits in it so it does not bind and compresses properly when you cycle backwards.Compare these holes
in plastic cover to the metal one and you will see metal ones are too tight on the spring. Mod to same as plastic one
Trigger can be the height is a little low and it slips under the trigger cradle so it gets stuck on semi.
This affects it as the cutoff lever does not reset it as the trigger cradle already reset as trigger slips under it and it jams it up.
Or the trigger spring had slipped out and is not doing anything.

  1. buy the right and suitable spring for gen10 acr
    2.install it right

Thank you brother! Whilst I don’t have the effort to try today, tomorrow when I get it right youll be the first to know! Thank you for taking the time out my man, your a champion!