Metal Wells TPiece for Metal Wells box

Hello Guys, I brought the metal receiver from M4A1 and the tpiece supplied is only for 9mm barrels like the standard one so I brought a bunch of Tpieces, the resin Tpieces from Xtactical and a Metal FB one from Azraels armory, but I am unsure which one to use. If I go the metal one what is the best way to mount the barrel in the piece?

Do you mean you bought the metal wells gearbox ?
If yes can you post a pic of the t piece that came with it ?

Oh I see it now, Didn’t even know they had those :thinking:
The t piece looks like the FB metal one to me so I would say try that one.

Wow they are not cheap :eyes:
Here is a link for anyone who might be interested.

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Tell me about it, I have almost gutted the stock wells v3 upgrading it all :slight_smile:

But I am not sure how I should put the barrel in, with the stock wells I used araldite to glue the barrel, but not sure if that is the best way with the metal, due to the cost of the tpiece and if I want to replace barrel length at a later time

If your worried just use some hot melt glue than it will be easy to remove with a little heat :+1:

I didn’t think about it, but will that be enough to create a seal?

Yes no problem at all, it works quite well

Thanks, I will go that way, really want to finish it for the Saturday so I can play with it and then rebuild the original wells v3.

Do you happen to know when I can get a plastic/nylon pinon to put on my motor, I stripped it with the wells metal gearbox lol

You should be using a metal pinion with the metal gears in the wells metal box

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My metal gearbox has an ausgel 480 motor now, but I have all the original v3 parts less that one part. When I fitted the gearbox I was told I didn’t need to do anything with motor and yeah it destroyed that part lol

You also need to shim the bevel gear to get the pinion to bevel mesh set correctly or you will also destroy the metal pinion and the bevel gear.

After the original motor, I took it into a shop and paid someone to do that for me and upgrade the metal gearbox while it was in there

And they left the plastic pinion in there ?
Well they don’t sound like they know what they are doing so be careful.

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No I broke that before I took it in, it was why I brought a new motor, got them to fit, check all the gears, upgrade nozzle, spring etc.

The guy that originally sold it all to me didn’t seem to know what he was selling, the tech who did the work does and made it go well, avg is around 320 fps atm

Oh ok, then what do you want a plastic pinion for ?

to fit the old motor back into the original parts so I don’t need to upgrade all to metal :), is more a spare blaster to lend a friend or family

Oh I see said the blind man :rofl:
I am sure the techs should have heaps of plastic pinions lying around

Thanks I will ask them, they have only been open a couple weeks. Might get lucky :slight_smile: