Might be doing something crazy.... A SR-25 Saga

Thinking i might do somethin nuts and build an sr25 gearbox, a v2 box with elongted piston and cylinder.

Has anyone tried before? Ive splurged on an sr25 shell kit and figured I may aswell go allbout and make something im super proud of and thats very unique

Can you import gearbox shells with no internals?

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GelBlasterAustralia on their website have 2 retro sr25 gearboxes in stock for $220


Oh mint hopefully they still will be next pay haha

Do it, do it.
I have a few on the boil at the moment but a SR25 or DMR style Blaster will eventuate. The major current concern I have is accuracy, the lack thereof, I’m hesitant to dough dump into a Blaster platform that can’t / wont hold its own. My current stable are all close up and personal Blasters where pin point accuracy (or the Gel equivalent) isn’t much sought after but if I’m to go the extra mile with a build and the necessary attachments, Optics and Bi-Pod and Mono-Pod, yeah I get carried away, I want it to have at least have consistent accuracy.
Would like to see a Gel Blaster SR25 for inspiration, do it.

use the extra volume to use less spring

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thats my hope, less spring less slap more consistency.

range is capped until our gels get better but accuracy is still something that can be finwd tuned

Fully intending to haha wont be quick because i make a total if 3 oreos and a lacky band each week but its my dream ■■■ so ill make it work

Ha!, and that’s for the reference and not the paycheck

Tax tends to be around 1 oreo haha

But im very excited to get this kit, the only issue ill have is making a tee piece for the longer box but ill have to check fitment when it all arrives, might be able to get away with making the current one im getting shorter on the gb end

murphies law though ill spend a month buildng it and then one will be released, but for 1399.99 no doubt :expressionless:

Good news @SlingShot sr 25 kit came and its really nice, best part is I test fitted my wells box and it fits perfectly with plenty of room for the extended v2.5.

ill be ordering the box when i can and the rest will have to be drip fed as i go.

should be able to get away with just trimming the front of the tee to move it forward 10mm without needing to do anything crazy

side note where do i get a 470-500mm outer barrel from haha?

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500mm Barrel, two 250’s and some hot glue, was that helpful?

It all sounds very good. I’ve always been a fanboi of the real deal SR25, same package, bigger BOOM.
After you started this thread I had a scout around and the Receiver Set from Monkeemods was the one that kept on showing up.
I hope you’re right with your “nothing crazy” prediction and I’m sure you’ll get it sorted, given time (I’m currently scratch building a M4, soooo much time) to collect all the bits I’ll be interested in how it turns out.

Good luck and keep us updated with progress, problems and pics.

i adore the sr25, if asoft was a thing easily wouldve gotten one straight away, I only found out about the kit when the guy was selling it on the forum, all from monkeemods, got it for a steal he just didnt want to finish it.

Heres some pics of it next to my wells m4 and m24 for size comparison, the thing is massive but i love it, unfortunately cant attach the suppressor without an outer barrel as its a qd mount from the gas block.

The reciever feels very nice and has kac trades

To me a dmr should automatically be a 7.62 which is why i had to get this when i saw it


Ignore the sheets my super cool manly ones are in the wash XD

Pretty pink sheets, ignore, not now.

You have a lot more of the build than I thought, bare bones, nope, the whole damn skeleton ready and waiting for a beating heart (fuck I’m an idiot).
It is lengthy isn’t it, Knights went for length over diameter to gain Supp volume, and it shows. I’m with you on real deal DMR’s, gotta lift that oomph, and your Blaster translation is spot on, nicely done.
Whether you’re going to stay true to the SR25 form or sway a bit and add a little of this and remove a little of that to make it your own, good luck, updates and pics to follow.

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rpmtech also have retroarms sr25 piston.
be interested to see what the volume to barrel length calculation will be for full cylinder

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read its around 68 usable mm compared to 59ish with a standard v2 which is what around 30% more volume? a decent jump where it counts, ill be aiming at about a 450mm 7.3 barrel with 300 fps. Again range is kinda capped but im hoping a long barrel with a very consisten amount of air rather than at its limits will be good for accuracy

it is a long boi luckily a quick pull of a pin and you can chop 10 inches or so off the end with the suppressor. But oh boy is it a nice deep thump when it shoots with the suppressor on

Going true to form, will be semi locked too, only thing im sort of considering as an m4 buffer and stock as i have long arms and the soild stock feels a little cramped for me


Recently got the 12 “ suppressor through, sets her off I reckon. Was goin to go with the traditional boosted semi only setup but I ended up getting a polarstar F2. Never mind the m203 haha bit of a laugh though