Milsim east and the village - Wacol field

hey all, looking at going to Wacol soon for a session. whats the Fps limits out there.

330 fps ten character

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thanks. is that hard limit or average?

They say hard limit, guess it depends on who’s testing on the day.
I’ve come close but not over

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Ok thanks, might drop the spring down in mine to be safe. Getting a few stray 335s

Hard limit. They have the higher limit rather than the 300 average, but the 330 is a hard limit.

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Is this field wounded heroes at Wacol or are they seperate?

Yep thats it , same same

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So is it a full mil sim style or can you just rock up shorts and shirt and go for it? Round times?

think it depends when you go. sundays they do a mini milsim style from what ive seen. ive only been on friday nights where its the normal team stuff like capture the flag. havent seen anything on their saturdays.

Do you need torches for the night games or is the field pretty well lit up. I wouldn’t mind doing a friday night game.

yeah definitely need torches. i think they might have added a little lighting in the 2 buildings but rest of it is really dark.

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What dudefromoz said
Friday and Saturday are normal games
Sunday is milsim.
Have a big one on tomorrow , my son is going for the full day

For the Saturday’s is it just a flat fee you can turn up when ever is it?

It’s $20 I think, starts at 8 -4 but U can turn up whenever, just have to wait for someone to come open the gate if it’s shut.
Check soft ops or there website

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Friday Session: 5:30pm-10:00pm

$20 - Includes Player Insurance

Saturday Session: 8.30am - 4.00pm

$25 - Includes Player Insurance

Sunday Session: 8.30am - 3.00pm

$35 - Includes Player Insurance

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Have any of yous been on the saturdays worth going?

Yeah it’s a big field with 3 separate game areas , haven’t been to wacol for a couple months , I’ll be going back soon as my leg heals, tore ligaments in my knee at hardcore blasters

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It’s a good mix of milsim players /regular players young and older . Definitely get more game time than the indoor fields

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Is this the place where they pretend that 10ft high solid walls exists along fence lines etc? Looks a bit cheesy.