Milsim east large scale event

Hey guys i found milsim east/the village website and notice they do large scale milsim events which sounds bloody awesome. Have they run one before or are they yet to kick it off? Love the idea of moving towards american style milsim events such as milsim west.


They have done one before with I think some small scale ones to test the new playing area, though I might be wrong on that. There was plans for another this year but the deadly plague scuppered that.

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What do they mean by MILSIM event ?

military simulation. 2 day event doing military style missions.
can have 1 side having requirement to wear full / 1 style of camo and opposing force can have different styles of camo mixed.
have recon units to scout out enemy positions
infantry squads for grunt work
find enemy bases take out command structure etc


Well that sounds fun. As long as I don’t get nagged there too, make sure my phone’s off