Mine 8=======D πŸ’¦

Hi, thought it was about time i did a run through of my current blasters.

Will start with the Gen 8

Nothing on this is from the original gen 8 now, specs are as follow


  • Ebay as fuck metal handguard and outer barrel
  • custom 3d printed inner barrel stabilisers
  • Metal front sight and carry handle
  • 3d printed fore grip
  • Tridant 3 prong muzzle with silencer when i feel like it
  • LS nylon split receiver
  • metal trigger
  • Metal buffer tube
  • Magpul stock


  • 350mm 7.3mm id stainless steel inner barrel
  • Rizer nylon hopup
  • Singularity nylon gearbox housing
  • Retro arms low profile bushings
  • SHS 13:1 gearset
  • chgbb nylon piston with metal rack and nylon piston head (slighyly modified to decrease vacuum)
  • Stainless steel 100% cylinder
  • Double oring nozzle
  • 1.25mm spring cut down so blaster sits at a field legal 295fps ish
  • Chihai high torque CNC 460 motor (the black and gold one)
  • 10a trigger switch
  • custom wiring loom
  • T238 auto mag prime mosfet

This is my goto field blaster, runs standard mags and doesnt have any issues throwing gels down range all day everyday. Love it because its so reliable.

Alpha King AK74ms


  • Wood hand guard and stock
  • Metal upper dust cover with picatinny rail


  • 13:1 SHS metal gears
  • Double oring nozzle
  • 400mm 7.3mm id stainless steel inner barrel
  • Stock motor
  • Rizer nylon hopup
  • 1.2mm spring, shoots at 280fps.
  • Kriss Vector 480 high speed motor

Have upgraded the mag motors to high perfomance motors from chgbb as the standards mag motors are garbage (cant even keep up with stock setup on 11.1v)


Stock everything. This is my goto cqb blaster and shoots at a field legal 230fps and can run a tracer unit.

Azrael XTP

Watch this space

And this my work station


Vary clean storage solution

Nice kit


What material is your pegboard made of? It has some sort of gritty texture so I cant quite tell what material it is


Its metal with a rough powder coat finish. Got it from bunnings


That ak is :ok_hand:


Just installed a vector 480 high speed motor. At 35buks it was worth a gamble to see if id pick up and RPS. Slight increase in rps but noticed a big differemce in trigger response in semi. Aftermarket motor definitely has alot more torque behind it so cant complain. When i gey a chance i will be installing a t238 active brake module.

As it stands no she is finally game ready shooting at a solid 280fps.

do suppressors affect FPS at all because of the extra length they give the barrel?

And bro thats a pretty slick collection. love the gen8 :+1:


Nice collection mate! Where abouts did you get the wooden parts for the ak? Im just after the front peice.

Suppressors do not lengthen the barrel, they are just an appearance item and sometimes can hide the hop-up. Barrel equations are measured by the internal barrel or space whereby the air pressure required to push the gel out is met with a volume set by the length and diameter of the inner barrel and hop-ups of the sweetheart design. The suppressor fits over the outer barrel or screws onto it and is usually of large enough inside volume not to cause an issue on the length increase. The caveat to this is if it is all out of alignment and your gels are hitting the suppressor before clearing it. I don’t use overly long ones unless my inner barrel is long enough to reach close to halfway.

thats part of the AK so you would have to buy that version of the AK.

ok i see thx, i have been thinking of getting one, any you would recommend?

Nah handguards can be changed man just need to find a place that sells themπŸ‘

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Pretty sure Zhenduo sell the wooden handguard seperate though


Have had my APS XTP for afew days now. Out of the box the build quality is like nothing i have seen on a gel blaster before (havnt really seen much anyway over here in WA). The weight was the first thing that i noticed, i like my blaster to have abit of weight to them so it was nice to pull it out of the box with a noce heft to it. Have alsp adjusted the trigger so it sits right on the wall which i habe done to all my blasters. Its really impressive has quickly ypu can empty a mag with this blaster

Chrono readings where all over the place ranging from 170fps-280fps with old AKAs. Chucked some double sided tape in the magwell as suggested in another thread on this forum and it now shoots a very consistant 280fps.

Accuracy is woeful with the old gels so far, will try some fresh gels later this arvo and see if it improves however it really does need a hopup. Have started designing one wjich incorporates into the muzzle tip as im not a fan of the skd glock style ones or the azrael armoury chunky as fuck one.

Anyway here is some closer photos as i havnt really seen much around. Have noticed you can get spare cylinder/nozzles off evike etc.


This will be the first problem i have to work around in regards to fitting a hopup. The inner barrel floats inside the outer barrel, so when the slide is in the neutral position the barrel sits further in than when the slide is racked back. I will let the pics do the talking

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Nice pics and info man glad your happy with the xtp. Im still waiting for my hornet to come. Im interested to see how you go with the hopup as im the same i cant stand the skd style or ugly bulky looking hopups, id rather a longer silencer type one than any of thoseπŸ‘

Curious to see how Azrael got arpund this issue, or is this the issue which made them take the hopups off the market

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Yes possibly cos it looks like theirs just screws on tight

Inner barrel setup.

Ill let the pics do most of the talking but im thinking of trying to print somthing that will replace the little metal gel retainer that will also be able to apply hop exactly the same as an β– β– β– β– β– β– β–  hopup. Given how hard these gels plus the fact the inner barrel is 7.5mm id and only 90mm long maybe an β– β– β– β– β– β– β–  style hopup could work, only one way to find out i guess.

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