Minor upgrade to the Silver Edge gearbox

If you’ve got one of the APS MPX’s, Phantom, Ghost, Phantom etc then you’ll be running a Silver Edge gear box.

When you crack the box open you’ll find a piston with a nylon rack, but it has a metal striker plate. Not bad but keep it in mind as thats a wear point for sure. Maybe swap it out for a full metal rack?

The black oring wasn’t the best seal so go drop in a green or brown too. :ok_hand:

What’s the rest of the gearbox internals look like, @BigWeetBix? I was tempted this morning on the MPX, but I think I’ve read maybe 5 nice things about the APS Silver Edge gearboxes? Sweet looking little rig, though. Still um-ing and ah-ing…

Pretty standard stuff. But that’s still way ahead of the Nylon game out of the box IMO. I’ve got a couple open now. Using them for parts for the MK, etc.

@BigWeetBix @BallBagFace the new Azrael MPX comes with a full metal ladder plunger which is a welcome upgrade. That was the the first and only thing that striped on my original APS box.
Honestly the new Azrael MPX or more aptly named the Phantom Extremis V7 is the goods.
They have dissed the old 6ml nozzle (wells / airsoft) compromised version and have this Gen9 8 ml nozzle on steroids.

@BallBagFace here is the video which shows the full break down of the box. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fE_56MKu2k4

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Mate, I’m still going back and forth on whether to pull the trigger. Sweet vid, making the decision making progress even harder.

Mate hold off then if your not sure what you want. There is some really nice gear coming out soon from a couple of good vendors.
Nylon will be extinct and everything will be metal and even better CNC machined metal.


Mate, nylon feels a bit shit now that I’ve got a nice metal handguard on the Kublai. There was a nice full metal Hawkex Tactical HK416D they they had a while back… missed the boat, though. Would have been sweet. It’s great to see the quality of things getting better, though.

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Which vendors mate, Chainsaw and tac edge or are there others as well? I have an Azrael sbb atm and like it, was thinking of getting one of the ones from tac edge as well but might hold off if there is more stuff coming

There is a lot more APS stuff coming. I hope the distributors re evaluate their prices as the markup is ridiculous.


Yeah definitely making a killing out of them. I wonder if anyone is looking at getting the Falkors in, they look pretty sweet

would also like to know which vendors I ought to be keeping an eye out for, in the market for another blaster and the Azrael products are very nice albeit next to no reviews on them, which is not pleasant… (that and the ridiculous price)

Not sure why TE and Chainsaw feel the need to re-brand the APS range of Blasters. APS has a solid reputation in the AS world with great marketing and branding. You can trust the goods @Rambo as they are APS.

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Might be to keep AS and gel blasters completely separate… for legality issues? noidea


Which APS rig has TE got their hands on? I must have missed the news on that one.