MK Box - what to do with it?

Since taking everyone’s advice on board about my Kublai gearbox, I’ve bought parts for it so that I can muck around with upgrading it. And, if things go nuts-up, I’m not too fussed. I’ve played around and rebuilt the thing a couple of times, just to see how it works.

Question is: what do I do with this now?

I wanted to build a box that would be super-reliable with top-shelf parts. As I’ve briefly mentioned before, I live on a remote island in the Torres Strait… things take a long time to get here by mail. And in QLD, where this is all legal, it’s a fun hobby. There’s no Blaster range out here, and I just got into it to pass the time, shooting mangoes and coconuts (that’s a joke). I’ll be back in Vic within 4 months, where blasters aren’t allowed. Obviously I’ll accidentally pack it, though. How did that get in there?!

I bought all the same brand compatible parts for the Kublai box, and hopefully they all work will together. All of the heavy-lifting has kind of been done for me. 18:1 gears, 14 tooth piston, etc. But building the MK box from scratch kind of means I have more freedom. But with this freedom comes choice, and with choice comes room for error. Things like volume of the cylinder compared to the barrel, t piece and gel feeding issues with the nozzle, bad motor/gearing ratio/number of piston teeth combo… you all know.

TL/DR: anyone got a winning recipe of quality internals for this box? Or has anyone built an MK box and have advice?

Also, I need a good V2 receiver to put it into; it won’t fit into the Kublai without a bit of Dremeling, which I’m not too keen on.

well…now you perfect your shimming and build skills in anticipation of using the mk box in your kubbie real soon…

it only takes a few weeks of strip, play, listen, repeat to become quite skilled so your mk box installation isn’t as far off as you might imagine

become one with your dremel…at some point you are going to have to wield its majical abilities


Funny you say that… my wife and youngest son are in Melbourne until Thursday - and I happened to ask her “whilst you’re down there, can you grab the Dremel from the shed and bring it back with you?”

She’s down there for a funeral, and all I can think about is stuff for her bring on the flight back here :joy:


you are the picture of appropriate communication and sensitivity :slight_smile:


The question still stands, though: what to put in it?

Well if you want some fun, a good learning experience you could put it inside a nerf blaster, then it would be legal in Victoria too… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But it might be a tricky project to start with.

As long as you modify the nerf blaster to fit the gearbox, (don’t modify the gearbox to fit the nerf!) you can’t really break the gearbox.
And you can get very cheap nerf blasters from second hand shops like Savers for around $6-$12 so if you screw up the nerf, grab another…

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On the desk for mine I have…
16:1 SHS gears
SHS 8mm bushes
SHS selector plate
Insanity M150 motor

The only thing holding this one up is two m2.5x 3mm screws


Nice! What did you use for your piston? I’ve been eyeing off the SHS alloy job, only because: alloy. I mean - why not?

Went SHS nylon. Wanted a Shlong (no joke) Piston but as it’s survived very well in my UMP.

I do have a “silent” airsoft head that I want to experiment with. One of those weird mushroom shaped ones.

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