Mk cnc aluminium gearbox

Anyone else put an mk gearbox into a wells?

Had to cut down the handle a tad, some inner bits of the receiver to slip the gearbox in and then also the t piece which was about 4mm too long and .5mm too thick to slip into the gear box around the nozzle causing the t piece to stay stationary but after this I got everything working smoothly.


MK has a guide on their webpage for the wells

Nice work @Luke! A few questions for you…

  • What spring?
  • What motor?
  • Ported cylinder?

1.3mm uneven spring
Metal spring retainer
Purple Chihai 480
Non ported cylinder
18:1 shs metal gears
Metal double oring cylinder head
Metal nozzle with oring
Nylon plunger with metal ladder and green oring
11.1 bosli
Metal buffer tube
Metal hand guard
551 red and green holosight
Top metal picatinney rail
Hop up

I think that’s about it


Oh man that is pimped out !
I love the clear receiver so you can see that beautiful gear box :+1:

One bit of advice, get a better Lipo to handle the purple motor :wink:

Thank you so much, I need a bit of help after installing the new motor I’ve noticed a few balls grouping and coming out in 2’s or 3’s and hitting each other mid air causing them to shoot off left and right, would a delay chip help or make this worse?

I would definitely use a delay chip but the problem could be the size of the gels, the mag or the t piece

Was going to get the upgraded motors as well for the mags if you think this is a good idea? It just seems like the balls are coming up out of the mag too fast, wouldn’t getting a delay chip cause more balls to be fired at once? I’m very good with these things but this has got my head spinning.

If the gels are too small they can feed beside each other in the t piece

Just had a check and tried feeding two into the t piece and it wouldn’t, I’ll try a delay chip and see if that helps, it’s only happening every 20-50 shots

If that’s all that happens I would think it’s probably just the gels are a bit small and can roll into the barrel so sometimes it will feed a couple.
What is the barrel id and what gels are you using ?

It could also be a poor nozzle to t piece seal or the gels are too large causing some to jam.
Some gels may not be making it out of the barrel and then another gets fed behind it.
Have you tested the fps ?

I have the shs bushings and one they are really difficult ro get in is there an easier way? And two they sit proud how do i shave them down some or are rhere australian options that fit

They can take a beating, I used a flat head screw driver

Whats your opinion on the single piece cnc cylinder? From RPM blaster?

Haven’t used it yet but should be good


320-340 FPS


Would be a good look in the metal mk gearbox though

Ben I use wet n dry sandpaper and just sand them down bit by bit.

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